Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When it rains it pours Wednesday

Monday night we found out our neighbor was experiencing a setback. Fred ended up being readmitted to the hospital yesterday (Tuesday). His daughter told us this morning (Wednesday) that he has blood clots in his lungs, it is treatable and hopefully he will be home again in a week.

To top it off, my husband, who is a runner, was out running this morning a little after 7 AM and something went POP in his knee and he can't walk and he called me (from some strangers cell phone who happened to pass by) to come pick him up. Well ... I was in the shower ... so I didn't hear the phone ringing. Fortunately I did see the phone was blinking a little while after he called, (felt that old sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, early phone calls = bad news) and checked our caller ID and it was from someone I never heard of. Thankfully I listened to the message right away anyway and picked up my husbands message.

I threw on clothes, checked the stove and doors and flew out the door and jumped in the car. The only problem was, it turned out that I didn't know where the street was where he was!!! I sure thought I did, but well, I sure didn't! Which is pretty funny since I lived on it when I was born and until I was two years old. But ... I never had any reason to go back there so I had remembered it being to the west of this one street and in fact, it was to the east of the main drag. Duh. D'oh. ARGH! And of course it was a hilly area, with dead ends and cul de sacs and no rhyme or reason which streets cut through. I stopped and asked first one woman, who turned out to be what sounded like Russian or Eastern European and she didn't have a clue and then I drove a few blocks back to the main street and stopped a man and ... he also sounded Russian to me or Eastern European. Too funny. well not really. I thought I must be going bonkers. Thank heavens though, he knew where the street was and I finally found my husband.

We went to the ER, brand spanking new and only one other person waiting. Our odds of getting in and out relatively quickly looked sooooooo great. Nuh uh. Hubs got to see the triage nurse almost right away to tell her what he was there for but then we waited and waited for them to open up another unit and the arrival of another shift of doctors at eleven a.m. ... 11:30 came and the doctor finally arrived to interview and assess my husband. She's calling it a knee sprain, says he needs to see an Orthopedist and probably have an MRI to determine what's up. He has to wear a knee immobilizer and use crutches and he's supposed to stay off of his feet. No one could see him today, so we're off to see the Orthopedist tomorrow. So much for a relaxing spring break vacation!

Once we were done in the ER, crazy nutball husband decides he wants to see Fred, since our neighbor is at the same hospital, kill two birds with one stone. So we did that, made a fast visit to say hello. Poor Fred said he's losing faith in his getting better. Broke my heart.

Hump Day really had some humps to get over this week. WAH! Hope you're faring better and not having a when it rains it pours Wednesday!


  1. Oh my gosh, Sally! Your poor husband. I hope he feels better soon. Dang. And Fred! Boy, it is raining your way, isn't it? I was thinking about how you got turned around trying to find your DH, and it reminds me of a bad dream - seriously! Isn't that just like an anxiety dream? You think east is west and everyone you ask for directions is from another country? :) Take care - all of you!! xox Pam

  2. Hi Pam!
    You're so right, it was like I'd stepped through the looking glass. I was driving like a nutcase - there were a bunch of people out walking their dogs, jogging, etc. and of course I pick the two people who are less familiar with English and the neighborhood. Ay yi yi.
    Thank you for all your well wishes! Why are some days just jam packed with all the crazy stuff at once?!! On top of all the above, I don't feel good ... and now I have to do so much coming and going stuff, when all I want to do is go to bed. WAH!
    Happy Hump diddly ump Day to you! ;)

  3. Oh, no. How is hubby doing now? How are you? Thank goodness for cell phones, huh. THank goodness for the stanger with the helpful cell phone. I hope things quiet down so you can peacefully enjoy this Easter season. I had never heard of hot cross buns before. They look yummy. Tonight I actually made Resurrection buns and they were devoured so I am gonna post to their success...and best of all they are so easy.

  4. Poor, poor Sally. I hope you are feeling better and I wish you all the best for the end of the week. Twyla

  5. Yikes, sorry to hear about the humps. I hope that both hubby and friend will soon be feeling well. And I hope that you'll get some sunshine in place of the pouring rain.