Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stand Up for Schools

Today is a day of action here in California. The public school system is in dire straits and cannot withstand anymore cuts in their budget. I would already be concerned as a normal matter of course as a citizen but being married to a public school teacher, it has all the more meaning and heartbreak and sense of immediacy.

From the Stand Up For Schools website:

  • In the last two years, $17 billion was cut from schools and colleges.
  • Entire art, music and PE programs were eliminated.
  • More than 16,000 educators were laid off.

Per the Protect Our Students, Protect Our Schools website, my husbands school district alone is looking at over 16 million in budget cuts.

I hope you will take a moment today and think about the state of public education and I hope you will be moved to stand up for schools. They desperately need your care, concern and your voice.

Thank you.

Climbing down from my soap box now.

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