Sunday, March 21, 2010

Easter Garlands

Thank you everyone for all your care and concern about myself and my dear neighbor. We received a note yesterday from Fred's daughter saying he was doing well (WHEW!) and that he had been moved out of ICU and into a private room. She said his cancer is inoperable but they expect him to have many good days yet.

We went and saw him this morning at the hospital and he looked great. His brother and his wife were there when we arrived and shortly thereafter, his grandson and his great-grandsons arrived and then a woman with the cutest therapy dog. So it was quite a full house and lots of love going around.

He had had a restless night and he dozed a bit while we were there but his spirits were good. He did express some anxiety about going home and being alone - then he added that he felt better knowing we were next door. That really tugged at my heart.

Anyway, so today is a lot brighter around here. Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday!

Here's some fun Easter stuff ... I just realized I need to make my Easter cards this coming week, don't I?!

From Creative Breathing, the most charming combination of felt and paper cuties for your Easter Garland.

You may find Creative Breathing's Easter Garland tutorials listed on her right hand sidebar, under "Things You're Looking For", which is a few topics down from the top. When you find "Things You're Looking For", click on "Garland Along" and it will take you to the March 2nd entry. This is the last entry for the Easter Garland, if you scroll down, you will find all the other entries and directions and patterns. So cute!

Darling felt Easter garland from Holiday Crafts and Creations

Paper Easter garland from Hostess with the Mostess

Recycled paper Easter Garland from Three Kitchen Fairies

Tissue paper Easter garland from Two Straight Lines


  1. Fun, Fun, Fun

    Great idea.... Love the bunnies.

    Kate - The Garden Bell

  2. Hi Kate!
    There you are, good to see you! :) Are you home or still enjoying your vacation? (you lucky dawg you!)
    Hope you're passing a pleasant weekend!

  3. A okay with me Sally! I just love the bunny garland! Maybe with the few day remaining.... Such fun to be found here! Elizabeth

  4. Hi Elizabeth!
    Thank you so much for your kind words and for letting me link to your wonderful garland! :) Your garland is so charming and so unique with the combination of felt and paper elements.

  5. Hi Sally! That is great news about your neighbor. :) And these Easter things are so happy. I can't believe Easter is coming! I just barely celebrated St. Patrick's day. We have to slow down time!!!! LOL! Have a great week - xox

  6. Hi Pam!
    I just sat down with my coffee and turned on the computer and there you were :) I went to your blog this morning on my iPhone - I'm sorry to hear you're feeling poorly. Hope you feel spry again real soon!
    I know, not fair! How can if be time for Easter ALREADY?! Nuh uh, no way. WAH!
    Well cuddle up and take good care of yourself and I'll talk to you later in the week. xoxoxo

  7. Happy Monday Sally! Well the sun is out, it is crisply cool and I feel better as my second oldest sick little one awoke feeling better after a weekend's sickness, and Sophia is all clear too. It sure can gloomy a house up when half the family is sick. But thank you for your well wishes and for the update on Fred. I am sure it is helpful to his family too, to know that y'all are his neighbors. hopefully with my brighter mood I will take some of your good crafty ideas and perk up our home a bit. luvs, Jenny

  8. Hi Jenny!
    Happy Monday to you! Thank you so much for your kind words about Fred.
    I'm so glad to hear that you guys have made it over the hump and are beginning to feel better. My gosh that's rough when half the family goes down and you're sick yourself! I'm sure you're so very happy to see the new week arrive.
    Sending hugs and wishing everyone a sniffle free week and some rest and creative fun for mom!