Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday blog love

ACK! When I went to the needlework store on Saturday, the clerk was really REALLY sick. And now I feel yucky. Praying it's just allergies but I don't think it is. WAH! Loads of blog links for you ... I think I'm beginning to repeat myself but it's always good to make our way back to and revisit charming spots isn't it?! (is that a good excuse for my middle aged failing memory teehee?!)

100 Pretty Things
123 lavender lollipop lane
A Cuppa Tea With Me
All I Ever Wanted
At Home in Albuquerque
born to fly
bricolage life
cherished vintage
Constantly Vintage
Freebie Gallery
Gingham World
Marilyn Butler
On Awesome Avenue
one crafty mumma
Over the moon
recipe look
Talk Crafty To Me
The Art of Clothes
The Vintage Housewife
turn UP the sound
Unlimited Possibilities
Vegetable Matter
Vintage Rescue Squad


  1. Oh, no! Are you sick? Everyone I know has the sniffles or the flu or allergies. Take care of yourself! Crawl back into beddie and stay there for a couple of days. :) xoxo Pam

  2. Hey, I actually was familiar with some of these, but I seen some great new ones. Thanks! Twyla