Friday, March 19, 2010

hop hop hopping along

Thank you guys so much for your kind words and hugs yesterday, I so appreciate them and they helped to cheer me. My time at the computer is quite often spent hearing Fred puttering around in his garden or tinkering in his garage on some project and also the sounds of Molly's bark, saying hello, come play with me, to all who pass by her home - so I find myself going through the kleenex sitting here today, missing both of those comforting sounds. Longing for good news about Fred today.

Well gosh.

It's hard to move on.

I sat like a lump in front of the computer screen all day yesterday. (You would not believe how long Monday Blog Love is going to be on Monday! Even amongst the most intrepid link clickers, it will take three years to get through it teehee!)

Most excitingly, I found a wonderful stitch-along project blog, 39 squares.

You're probably saying, "Why of course!"

How on earth did I miss it? I read Amy Powers blog and I look at a gazillion other blogs and yet missed it, I did! I apparently fell asleep sometime this year and am just now coming to. GEEZ!

I sat there all afternoon, transfixed by the charming samplers everyone is making. I looked at everyone's blogs and all the flickr photos. I was relentless, I did not give up until hubby came home. (And he came home with Indian food ... YIPPIE!)

Well, I can hardly believe it but the calender says it's nearly Easter! Time to roll out some bunny crafts huh?!

Make this darling bunny from Craft Ideas.

And this adorable bunny stuffie from Hazelnuts.

Make a bunny softie from recycled sweaters at Craftzine.

And don't forget Hillary Lang's darling freebie bunny pattern - here's the two I made for my nieces several years back. Ay yi yi, I made them after I hadn't sewn anything in years and didn't stuff them enough. WAH!


  1. LOVE those bunnies. I am behind on Easter. But that seems to be the trend, I was behind on St. Pat's and didn't even decorate for Valentine's. :) I know what you mean about missing those comforting sounds. I hope you get good news about your neighbor. Sending you hugs!!!! xoxoxo Pam

  2. Sally, I'm so sorry to hear about your sad day. I just hate those kind of days. Thank you so much for still sharing with us the wonderful places to visit. I was so curious about the little squares I have seen, and am thankful for your direction to the originator. What a fun idea! My hands are not cooperating with me these days, I am worried my creativity days are coming to an end. Especially where stitching is concerned. Stop me in my tracks! I am talking myself into a sad day. The sun is shining in Ohio, yard work calls. I hope you enjoy your Saturday as well! Elizabeth

  3. Dearest Sally, I am so sorry to hear of your distressing news. I want you to know my thoughts are with you. I am sorry I've been so quiet lately. My dad had surgery and that has kept me tied up and away from the computer more than I like. I am reading through all your posts I missed and can't wait to tackle last Monday's blog list. I already had to look at a couple and I am always amazed at the talented women all over the world. Thank you for bringing them to us. Have a blessed Sunday. Twyla

  4. Cute bunnies and I love any excuse to use felt some sweaters!! Thanks for the links!

  5. Hi Pam!
    Oh boy, I know! I've missed every holiday since Thanksgiving. And it's looking like Easter will be a continuation of the trend. I don't seem to know how to manage time anymore.
    Happy Sunday!

  6. Hi Elizabeth!
    Isn't it fun seeing everyone's little embroidery squares?! I'm loving the different themes and colors and stitches - so much fun!
    I hope you had a fun day in the garden and your hands will son be on the mend and feeling better!
    Happy Sunday!

  7. Hi Twyla!
    Oh no! I noticed right away that you were "quiet" and I was wondering and anxious to know if you were okay or not?! You kept having posts on your blog so I told myself that must mean all is well but I planned on asking how you were if I didn't hear from you on Monday.
    I'm so sorry to hear your dad had to have surgery! I hope he is well and on the mend.
    Take good care of yourself. Happy Sunday!

  8. Hi Lori!
    Isn't the recycled felted sweater bunny adorable?! I love him - now if I could just find some sweaters to felt in Southern California!!! WAH!
    Happy Sunday!