Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bluer than blue


Well gosh. Yesterday didn't turn out so great. When my husband came home yesterday, he told me that he had found a note on our trash can (it was trash pickup day and he was putting them back in the garage) from our neighbors across the street, asking him to please come over. They are a darling family, two little kiddies, one grandma and the most lovely of furry family members, who happens to be our doggie's BFF.

The grandmother was home and told my husband that their beloved furry girl, Molly, had died on Tuesday night. She was throwing up and then couldn't breath, they rushed her to the ER and she died. SOB!!!!!!!!!! The grandmother said the vet thought it was an allergic reaction to something. So heartbreaking.

It has been a horrible time for our neighbors, their home was recently burglarized in broad daylight. The husband was home and then left to run errands for a couple of hours. They believe the thieves entered via the doggie door, and sprayed poor Molly (a big Golden Retriever lump of love, who would have welcomed them with endless tail wagging) with something, as later their daughter was petting the dog after this had occurred and her hands and face were burning.

And now this, losing Molly. The most wonderful of doggies, big and bouncy and hairy, the sweetest of natures and just two years old.

SOB SOB SOB I can't stop crying buckets.

And then this morning ... when going outside to pick up our newspaper, my husband finds a note on our screen door regarding our neighbor directly next door - my "don't make 'em like they used to", salt of the earth, dearest of the dear, 94 year old neighbor, who I have lived next door to for 29 1/2 years - a note from his daughter and son-in-law, saying Fred has lung cancer and is in the hospital.


This of course makes me think about my own 91 year old father, who has had "something" (his word) going on in his lungs for awhile. He bobs and weaves, avoids my questions and when asked point blank, will not give a straight answer. He is immovable and will not give me any words at all.


Woe is me. It's a chin dragging sad sack day around here today. sniffle sniffle

The only good news I have is that our St. Patrick's Day dinner turned out very nice. Much to my surprise. The faux corned beef and cabbage was going along great but then I put too much buttermilk in the soda bread, it was a soggy lump - but miracle of miracles, it turned out fine. WAHOO! And then I had to start the St. Patty's Day whoopie cookie recipe and time was flying by and I was thirsty and reached for a glass from the cupboard ... can you feel what's coming?! ... yup, dropped the glass in my haste on the tile counter and glass flew EVERYWHERE. Ay yi yi.

And then my husband came in the door, crying, with the news about Molly.


Hug and kiss all your dear ones, furry and otherwise, today!


  1. Oh, Sally. While I and my little one have been feeling low you have been such a joy bringer to me and now to know that dark clouds are trying to crowd out the light I wish I could give you a hug instead of a virtual one. Hugs to you and I am so sorry for all the saddening news. I know though you have the type of character that will stay the course and work for good in all things! much love, Jenny

  2. Sending good vibes your way, what a lousy day full of somber news...

  3. Oh, Sally! I was sick yesterday and missed your post. I am so sorry you are going through all of this. I wish I could come over and give you a big hug. Life can really throw you some punches. Sending you love and hugs! xoxoxoxo Pam

  4. I hope things are better for you. Thanks for reminding us not to take things for granted and show our love all the time to everyone. I am sending much love and light your way...and a hug.


  5. Thank you so very much everyone for all of your kind words and hugs, I so appreciate them and you! I spent yesterday very weepy, barely had motivation to get the bed made and the dishes done. I wanted to make a card for Molly's family but I just couldn't get it together. Hopefully today I'll be able to.
    We hadn't heard from Fred's family by last night so we guessed he must be at one of two hospitals and sure enough, he was at the first one we called. The ICU nurse told us that he was resting but that was all she would tell us. Perhaps we'll sneak in as nieces and nephews?! So hard to not have any news.
    Thank you all again for your friendship!