Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tomatomania! and other fun stuff!

Saturday was Tomatomania! We climbed in the car and drove out to the (warm!) Valley and picked out six different tomato varieties. I wanted more than that, it was so very tempting to go hog wild, but since we don't have the greenest of thumbs, I thought that was a good number.

Friday had been the first day and their stock was already seriously depleted when we got there Saturday morning. WAH! Drat! The info said there was a Michael Pollan one but it had already sold out, he's one of our heroes. Note to self: next year get there on Friday!!!

There were so many people buying plants and you could hear people who knew their stuff giving advice to friends ... there were a couple of people on their cell phones calling their friends saying, "you've got to get here now". Perhaps the most fun was seeing all the families and all the children so excited about growing veggies.

Speaking of families and good eating, are you watching the new Jamie Oliver series, Food Revolution? We loved the series he did in England about changing the meals served in school cafeterias and look forward to this one in the US too. If you watched the "preview" episode (why is there a preview episode?! why isn't it just the first episode?!) and the first episode, I wonder if you're like me, wondering who that radio show host is, giving Jamie a hard time?! Why is he being such a major schmuck to Jamie Oliver, who wants nothing to do but help children to be healthy?! geez. How could anyone possibly have a problem with that? What a bozo brain and major jerk and a half. When and how, did mean spirited-ness become interesting and entertaining?! I am so sick of and disgusted by the media meanie pants people.

After Tomatomania, I'd like to say we flew down the 101 to the embroidery store, but there's no flying anywhere in Los Angeles traffic ... we did the car creep to the other end of the valley ... someone please, take my wallet away from me and return it to me in 2011! I picked up all the latest Blackbird Designs (can't get enough of them!) and three Little House Christmas ornament designs.

I really need to sit down and get some stitching done! But before I tackle all of those, I'd really love to do a sampler a la Amy Powers and her 39 squares stitch-along, that I mentioned recently. I am having so much fun watching everyone's grow.

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  1. How did I miss this post! How fun and newsy it is. Tomato+Jenny= dead tomato. Or so the last 4 attempts have proven. I would love to tryagain but seeing as DAvid and I are the only pro-tomato eaters in the family, it is a hard sell. I told my gardening hubby I would try herbs this year and he jumped up and bought me a mini greenhouse thingy without me asking---very sweet, but methinks I will try telling him I want to try more earrings this year and see where that goes...hehe. And now Jamie Oliver. David and I have enjoyed him, his philosophy of cooking and love of fresh/naked eating for a long while and we watched this preview appalled at the children not even able to tell what tomatoes or potatoes were...ACK! Sophia though (3 yo) was sitting with David somehow enthralled with the program (all the kiddos on the screen I guess) and guessed all the mainstream veggies (yea!!!) doing us proud. But I am half sad seeing, as you say, "meanie pants people". Have a great week Sally.