Wednesday, September 30, 2015

a swap for all seasons no. nine - what I received from my partner

We've finished number nine at A Swap For All Seasons, can you believe it?! I sure can't!

Yesterday I received the sweetest sampler from my partner Elizabeth, at Tales From The Pond. So darling, I love it so much Elizabeth! Thank you bunches, it was a pleasure to meet you and be your partner.

Elizabeth wrapped everything up so charmingly in the colors of Fall, made me smile. (Oh how I wish it were Fall here in Los Angeles - I can't remember when it wasn't hot, it's been hot for so long here.)

Hope you're having lots of fun out there crafting and stitching! 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

a swap for all seasons no. nine - what I made for my partner

Number nine sampler completed and received in A Swap For All Seasons, only three more to go now.

Dear Debbie, of Kitten Creates, was my partner to create something for this time around. Debbie loves to sew and quilt and I had found this fun fabric with a notions theme and thought it might be something she would enjoy.

And talk about serendipity and convergence of craft supply hoarding LOL! I found the fun vintage graphic for the card in a 1938 issue of "Home Arts Needlecraft" magazine I picked up several years ago and I found I had a vintage pack of rick rack and made a copy of the magazine graphic and rick rack label to use - both blues matching perfectly, like they were meant to be together. YIPPIE!

It's been a pleasure being your partner Debbie, I had so much fun making you a sampler!

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

a swap for all seasons no. eight - what I received from my partner

Can't believe we've completed eight rounds of our mini samplers in A Swap For All Seasons now! So much fun and so much delicious creative Happy Mail. 

Yesterday I received my sampler from my lovely partner, Jan, of Jan's Arty Junk. So charming! I love it so much Jan. I adore house images and Jan made it even more special and dear, by adding our address numbers to the wee hoosies. Made me giggle out loud, so very sweet. Thank you so much Jan!

I've begun number nine for my partner, so there'll be more to share hopefully soon.

Wishing you very happy remaining days of summer and a lovely long holiday weekend!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

a swap for all seasons no. eight - what I made for my partner


Time is surely flying! Can hardly believe we've completed our eighth sampler in A Swap For All Seasons! Two thirds down now, one third remaining.

I made my eighth sampler for Linda, our swap creator and hostess.  I knew Linda enjoys vintage fabrics and images and combined that with a vintage embroidered doily I had in my stash. 

It was such fun to be your partner and make a sampler for you Linda!

Happy stitching everyone!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

a swap for all seasons no. seven - what I made for my partner


ACK! Terrible photos, I could kick myself. I took these with my iPad and forgot to take some ("slightly") better ones with my camera (I'm monumentally camera challenged). sniffle sniffle. 

My partner in A Swap For All Seasons for July was darling Jan, of Jan's Arty Junk. I always need a theme to get going and July and summer = the beach, to this Southern California native. 

It was such fun to meet you Jan and make a sampler for you!

This swap is such a delight - meeting all these lovely kindred crafty souls and (surviving LOL) the challenge of thinking of something new each month and trying new things. So inspiring.

Wishing you new crafty adventures!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

seven of twelve

Seven of twelve, mini fabric samplers now received in A Swap For All Seasons.  Loving this group of creative ladies, inspiring, supportive, kind and this fun swap. It's a real challenge for me every month to come up with an idea but so very rewarding. 

Thank you again Linda, for hosting this swap. Thank you Joyce, Marti, Linda F., Joy, May, Sherry and Patty for my darling "seven of twelve". Excitedly awaiting eight, nine, ten, eleven and twelve!

Friday, July 31, 2015

a swap for all seasons no. 7 - what I received from my partner

Yippie! I received my seventh mini sampler in yesterdays mail. WOOHOO! Adorable Patty in Oz, made me a fun and festive and celebratory sampler. Isn't it darling?! Thank you so very much Patty, it was such a pleasure to meet you and be your partner.  I love it and will treasure it.

Thank you again so much Linda for creating and hosting, A Swap For All Seasons. What a wonderful group of kind, creative and inspiring women you've gathered together. I know I will count this as one of my most favorite experiences.

Happy crafty weekend and good gosh, here comes August! How did that happen?! 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

happy fourth of july

Wishing you a very Happy 4th of July weekend!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

a swap for all seasons no. six - what I made for my partner

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Are you doing something fun this year? We're having our usual stay-cation. I'm busy continuing my decluttering project and organizing my craft room and crafting. 

A Swap For All Seasons has reached it's midway point, six samplers completed and six more to create. Plug your ears if you don't want to hear me repeating myself on how much fun this swap is! SO MUCH FUN! LOL. Thank you again Linda for inviting me to join in and being such a great Hostess.

Dear May, of May's Happy Daze, has received her sampler I made for her. I decided on a sewing theme for May since she loves to sew. I loved hunting for graphics to use - the vintage button card image (and scissor label image too) was a perfect find on The Graphics Fairy, inspiring my color choices for the sampler. 
I had a wonderful time being your partner May, such a pleasure to meet you!

Hope this week finds everyone in their happy place, sewing, crafting, thrifting!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

i'm a grand-auntie!

WOOHOO! Jumping up and down with happiness over here. My niece had her baby nine days early and as of yesterday afternoon, I'm a GrandAuntie! Yippie yippie!

To add a tiny bit more excitement to the day, he was born on my mom's (my nieces grandma) birthday - she would have been 94 years old yesterday ... AND ... he was also born at exactly the same time as my mom was born 94 years ago!!!  Amazing! I know it sounds mondo silly but I sort of feel my brother and mom were participating in this crazy coincidence from up above ... so very sad that they aren't here to be part of welcoming their grandson and great grandson into the world.
Happy Wednesday and Happy Summer to you! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

my first pocket letter pal has received her letter woohoo!

Yay! My first very pocket letter for my pocket letter pal, Jill, finally arrived at its destination WOOHOO! I wasn't sure what to make but then I remembered that Jill loves vintage stuff and pocket letters are about getting Happy Mail in your mailbox, so I combined vintage images about letter writing with crafty supplies. Figuring out 18 pockets turned out to be a bit more of a creative challenge than I expected LOL but it was lots of fun to make! 

Wishing you lots of crafty fun!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

my first pocket letter received

Have you joined in on the Pocket Letter craze? So much fun! Pocket Letters were created by Janette Lane. You can see all the fun on her blog and her two Instagram accounts, here and here. They combine the love of paper crafting and letter writing, with the love of scrapbooking, stationery and planner supplies. I've loved paper, etc. since I was a child and also used to scrapbook for many years. I've been enjoying watching everyone's Pocket Letters on IG but couldn't figure out how to get started. I didn't want to swap with a stranger on the good old interwebs. So when I saw that my very first swapping buddy ever, Jill of A Little Bit of Everything was swapping them, I got all excited and told her I was interested if she'd like to do another one. WOOHOO!

Jill's arrived this past week --- mine alas, is vacationing most likely at the Customs Office or some other unknown spot between CA and CA --- California and Canada.

I'm betting you'll want to play along after you see how adorable Jill's is, so darling!

(ooooohhh, opening up my pocket letter)

(front of pocket letter - yippie, doggies for me!)

 (back of pocket letter - I love blue!)

Jill remembered I like dogs and books and used those for her theme. So cute! And inside each pocket are goodies for crafty play, so much fun. Thank you so much Jill for being my first Pocket Letter Pal!

Hope you're having a fun crafty weekend!

Monday, June 8, 2015

a swap for all seasons no. six - what I received from my partner

The fun continues unabated at A Swap For All Seasons! I received my sampler number six from my darling partner, Sherry, of Creatology on Saturday. WOOHOO! The absolute cutest!!!

Sherry is much nicer than I am LOL! She asked me what I like in terms of themes, colors, etc. (which I didn't do for my partners, sorry guys!).  I told her that I love houses, hearts, flowers and dogs and that I love blue greens. And as you can see, she nailed it. Unbeknownst to Sherry, she has ESP and she included a golden doggie for this Golden Retriever lover.

And ... Sherry and I both live in California and we've been bemoaning our drought and need for water and we've been doing rain dances and speaking to the heavens ... and Sherry even included a Rain Goddess too in my sampler! How fun is that?!!

Thank you so very much for my sampler Sherry, it made me smile and giggle with delight. Love it! It's been a pleasure and great fun being your partner.

And a huge thank you again to Linda, for gathering us together for this great swap and all the creative inspiration and good times!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

a swap for all seasons no. five - what i made for my partner

The swapping fun continues over here! If it's at all possible, I think I get more excited with each new month of creating for the year long banner swap, A Swap For All Seasons, hosted by dear Linda. 

This is what I made for my fifth partner, darling Sherry, of Createology. I had a thought to use the inspiration of May Day and the May Queen but then I found this wonderful image and veered off into the truly royal. I had such a great time! I did blackwork embroidery for the very first time and got to add some of my French General charms. I had made some purchases at the Affaire at Downton last year that came wrapped in the lovely toile tissue paper, that was too pretty to let go of - serendipity!

It was such a pleasure to meet you Sherry and such fun to be your partner!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

a swap for all seasons no. five - what I received from my partner


Yippie yippie yippie! The most wonderful Happy Mail came in my mail today. Mini sampler number five, in A Swap For All Seasons, arrived from my partner, May.

Oh my gosh, so very exciting to receive mail marked as ROYAL MAIL.

May sent me the very sweetest of samplers, so precious. I adore pink roses and anything heart shaped. So lovely and perfect for me, May. May also included a bag of buttons, beads and ribbon and lace trims - she must have ESP to know I am besotted with buttons and trims. And that's not all --- the most fun fabric, with graphics of London on it --- now I'm sure May has ESP, major Anglophile over here.

It was so lovely to meet you and be your fifth partner in this wonderful year long swap, May. Thank you for everything!