Friday, October 17, 2014

seventeenth anniversary

Thank you for our wonderful life together Sweetheart! 
We'll be together 21 years in January
and seventeen years ago today,  
Friday, October 17, 1997, we got hitched. 
Happy Anniversary to us!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Gorgeous day here today! Rain clouds this morning but no rain, now blue skies and the most pleasant of temperatures, mid seventies.

But it's a crazy kind of day. I was going to run errands this morning and got in my car and it wouldn't start. ARGH! Fingers crossed it's just the battery please please please.

I get kind of thrown when plans go awry. Trying to be productive and clean and putter around. I had wanted to put to use some pine cones and pods I found on an old wreath at my parents but, I have no idea where I put my wire cutters. So much is in flux in this house, trying to figure out my parents things, can I say ARGH?!

I found this heart that I made several years ago - I participated in a gift for a fellow blogger, a garland - and after I saw what others had made, realized mine didn't go with the rest of the group at all. So, a pressie for me!

Did you/do you, scrapbook? I unearthed my box of stickers and die cuts the other day and found these leaf die cuts.  Talk about STICKER SHOCK (sorry for the stretch!) - I've got a bazillion stickers from my letter writing and scrapbook days. And quite obviously a big case of OCD. 
And I got the adorable little chenille package decorations at a swap meet a few years ago. I WUV THEM.
Happy Hump Day! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

1959 pack-o-fun halloween crafts

Cleaning house and going through boxes over here. I found this Pack-O-Fun book from 1959 with this cute Halloweenie stuff for you!

Monday, October 13, 2014


"There is no season when such pleasant and sunny spots may be lighted on, and produce so pleasant an effect on the feelings, as now in October." 
-  Nathaniel Hawthorne

Sunday, October 12, 2014

pumpkin time

It's pumpkin time over here! Being a mega Pumpkin Spice Latte fan[atic], when I saw Holly's (of Damita's Pretty Wrap blog) adorable coffee cozies with pumpkins on them, I had to have some. One for me and one for the hubby. Now we're pumpkin yummy, inside and out! Holly also included the mini pumpkins (they make me smile!) and a sample of her divine Hazelnut warmer tarts, mmmm yummy scent. You can find Holly's cozies at her Etsy shop here.

I've always loved Fall but alas we don't really have much of a Fall here in So. California (although we do have a lot more Fall than Winter!!!). It's 81 degrees right now. So we have to play Make Believe. 
I got out one of my absolute favorite books, Susan Branch's Autumn. She makes me feel comfy and cozy. I was so surprised to find she has a Pumpkin Latte recipe in the book! How had I never noticed it before??? It does include pumpkin though and real PSL's don't have any pumpkin in them. A couple years ago I tried one of the many supposed PSL knock off recipes with pumpkin in it - and well, YUCK and BLECH! So I won't be trying Susan's recipe, although I adore her.

Her books transport me to a dreamy place, where all is well and good in the world. People are kind to each other, love is always present. Meals are homemade and food is love. The little things, the small gestures that make life dear and meaningful.

I seem to have fallen down the rabbit hole and landed in a very sentimental place ...

Happiest of pumpkin time to you and yours!

Friday, October 10, 2014

hope is the thing with feathers

Hope is the thing with feathers 
That perches in the soul, 
And sings the tune without the words, 
And never stops at all,

And sweetest in the gale is heard; 
And sore must be the storm 
That could abash the little bird 
That kept so many warm.

I’ve heard it in the chillest land, 
And on the strangest sea; 
Yet, never, in extremity, 
It asked a crumb of me.
~Emily Dickinson


Awwwww ... Many years ago my mom had a pen pal that made her this sweet little birdie pitcher. Hoping I can find a spot in this jam packed to the brim house, so I can see it all the time.

Celebrating Malala today!

Anyone else jumping up and down over the news this morning that Malala Yousafzai (and co-recipient, Kailash Satyarthi, fellow child rights advocate) won the Nobel Peace Prize?! 17 years old and won the Nobel Peace Prize! Her unrelenting courage, determination and sense of hope, blow me away. In her speech of thanks, she thanked her beloved father "for not clipping her wings".

May we all be inspired and emboldened to action by this brave, compassionate soul. May all girls fly free and pursue their sweetest and boldest and wildest of dreams.

Wishing you a happy and fabulous Friday!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

view master

Vintage View Master from my parents things, belonging to my brother. Still works, much to my gleeful surprise! Found some reels too - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and two reels of Marineland of the Pacific (located in Palos Verdes, CA until torn down for a hotel resort BOO HISS).

Yesterday would have been my brothers 68th birthday. 19 years he's been gone in December. Everyone is gone now - never gets easier ... grab your loved ones and give them a big hug for me.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Cutie pie egg cups found at my parents. I'm assuming they were a gift long ago, since there's only two of them, looking like they were never used. The bowls are extra big - I eyeballed my Large egg next to them this morning and my egg seemed very puny and would wibble wobble around if placed inside. Not a single manufacturers mark on them, so know nothing about them. Any ideas, my vintage pals?

On another front, I am ready to throttle myself! Feeling crafty and with an idea in my head this morning, I went to find something I bought. It's the perfect thing. Cannot. find. it. anywhere. Round and round I go, looking where it should be. Nuh uh, still not there. 

Off to shift this mess around and hopefully find what I'm looking for puhleeeeezzzzeeee ...

I sure can understand the allure of minimalism now!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

gone girl

Sweltering heat in Los Angeles and off we went to the coolness of the theater yesterday morning, to catch opening day of "Gone Girl" before the crowds made it an impossibility. 

I didn't care for the book - the main characters were both so despicable (and I didn't find the male characters voice particularly well written) - although I did enjoy all the plot twists. Very clever. Don't you love it when a mystery writer keeps you guessing?

Hater, that I was, I did like the movie though, if one can use the word "like" about this story. I don't know if it was due to the passage of time in between the reading and then viewing and having an emotional breather/rest or being prepared for all that was to come?

Two and a half hours long and I didn't notice the length at all.

I'm hoping it's our Santa Ana Winds and/or not enough sleep for two nights and not a relapse of my bug - because my sinuses and throat feel really bad. Drat drat drat. We've been having extreme temperatures again and winds whipping everything up.

Heat heat go away, don't return another day, darn you.

I was hoping to go to the Antiquarian Book Fair today but felt lousy and pooped out - it was 101 yesterday in Pasadena and supposed to be even hotter today. BLECH! Maybe tomorrow, I hope hope hope.

Like an idiot ... I stepped foot in a bookstore today and not being able to come home with the book I had gone to B&N for (Lena Dunham), bought two other books and three magazines. Hanging my head in shame. I (think I) have managed to avoid the purchase of magazines all year long and fell off the wagon with a resounding thud. Stampington mag's should be classified as an illegal drug. I cannot resist the holiday issues. They fill you with euphoria and leave you with remorse. 15 smackers for your fix.

Sally, in the doldrums with buyers regret

Friday, October 3, 2014

rosanne cash

My stinking Verizon email has been down for more than two and a half days now - sometime Tuesday it went down for me. The funny thing is that I was able to pick up my email on my phone while I was in Westwood Village (a few miles at most from me???) twice this week - once at the eye doctor and once at UCLA. So they are indeed giving the commercial and big users priority on service. I couldn't even get my email at 6 AM today. GRRRRRRRRR 

Went to the eye doctor on Wednesday since I continue to have flashes of light in my eye ARGH. She said that this is longer than usual for these episodes and healing, but not unheard of. Oh good grief. Of course I would be out of the realm of normal. LOL Back in two months to be checked again, unless something happens in the meantime. So. sick. of. this. 

Had the pleasure of seeing Rosanne Cash in concert last night at UCLA. Great concert, love her! For the first portion of the evening she performed her new album, The River and The Thread, from beginning to end, with interesting anecdotes in between about the songs and cute banter with her husband. I don't think I've experienced a performance of an entire album before, from start to finish, and it was really nice. After the intermission she did songs from earlier albums. 

The only damper was a giant of a man sitting in front of me, when he stood up he loomed about 6'5", just kept getting taller and taller - just about obliterating my view of center stage and Rosanne Cash. And he kept scratching his head all evening ... up went his arms and out came his elbows like wings ... ay yi yi. I had to lean towards the complete stranger next to me - thankfully she was very nice, since I was practically in her seat with her hahahhahaha.

Off to see "Gone Girl" this morning ... which ironically I didn't care for the book at all but am so curious to see what they do with it since it's getting good reviews.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

holy cow ... printed in 1711

I found a couple antique books at my parents house ... I just about fainted dead away when I read "Printed and Sold by James Blow, M,DCC,XI".

1711 ... seventeen eleven!!! WHOA! Now that's cause for passing out, huh?! It's in pretty good shape considering all those years - 303 years.


The left hand page bears a name and the words, "His book".
The right hand page is a personal note from a long ago relative 
of mine, which appears to have been sewn into the front of 
the book. The book was given as a gift from a grandmother
to a granddaughter in 1861.

Names and years are noted here. Sadly pretty much unreadable.
I am wondering if these are all names of people who were
gifted the book? 1807 is written upside down - notations
seem to be written any which way.

"The Instructor
Young Man's Best Companion"
Note the bottom of the right hand page, this is where it states 1711 -
Printed and Sold by James Blow, M,DCC,XI
So exciting! Pass the smelling salts!

So charming, appears to be wood block prints?

I can make out one relatives name here 
and the year 1786, at almost the back.

I can find two years noted on these pages, 1749 and
1776 (now I'm not sure of that when I look at it again)
and recognize the same relatives name and a date of
December 29th, but year is unreadable.

Hope you got a kick out of this too!

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

silly stuff

I'm having one of those frustrating annoying no good days. I was on the phone with a company this morning for an hour OUCH going round and round, then calling a store that promised my refund would be processed a week and a half ago and it hasn't shown up on my account yet, then writing a letter to a medical billing office because the billing clerk would not answer my three phone calls about her not sending my insurance carrier the required paperwork along with my claim and my claim was then denied ARGH, calling my doctors office asking them to send the inept clerk what she needs from them, then sending other necessary unfun emails and somehow it's three in the afternoon and I'm grumpy. grumble grumble snarfle snarfle

Oh! And I forgot that Google wouldn't allow me to access my blog today too. GRRRRR I was adding blogs to my blogroll, over and over and all of a sudden a message appeared with a verification code box and I had to enter the codes that came up about FIFTY times. What the hoohah?! So many times that I stopped and went and posted on the Help Forum. Finally they believed I wasn't a robot and returned me to my blog. 

That calls for silly stuff!!! Some more paper stuff I found at my parents ...

LOL at first I didn't get this at all
and then I realized it starts on the (top) front of the card.
Still kind of a groan ...


I'm not sure if this is some sort of ad or
a calling card or a postcard or?
But it's cute huh?!

Something to entertain the kiddies!

Fun crafty thing from long ago.
It's sealed - can't tell if it's been opened
and resealed or never opened at all?

All better now - banished that no good day!

Monday, September 29, 2014

out and about

Out and about the past few days with errands and doctor appointments and yesterday, a lovely lunch with hubby's brother and his girlfriend, down from Northern California on a combined work/pleasure trip. Thankfully the heat wave broke for a couple of days ... supposed to be back in the triple digits this coming weekend though drat drat drat ARGH ... and we were able to enjoy a pleasant time outside on the patio.

Yup, I've got quite the skunk line going!!! I can't do anything about it until my eye trouble is all over. Genevieve has lovely gray hair - perhaps it's time to just stop dying it???

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

its (sort of) a dogs life

Missy Gracie loves her tummy rubs more than anything! She runs outside and promptly lays down on her back and starts happily wiggly around, asking "please please please, surely it's tummy rub time NOW"?!

She had a trip to the vet yesterday - she had to be knocked out for dental work. WAH! I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to anesthesia for anybody!

Missy has always been a ravenous eater until recently and now she's really really picky.  And worse. To the point of refusing to eat. Unless you give her biscuits. She'll eat those by the bushel. ARGH.  
She has terrible allergies and has to take Cyclosporine for them - otherwise she chews on herself to the point of injuring herself. 

If your doggy has allergies you may know about Atopica and Cyclosporine - Atopica being the brand name and Cyclosporine the generic. Atopica costs a Kings Ransom and cyclosporine is about 1/3 or 1/2 the price? They are supposed to be the same and yet, the generic has problems that supposedly Atopica doesn't have.

One of the problems with either is an overgrowth of the animals gums, good googly moogly. And a problem with the generic can be loss of appetite, change in appetite, etc. 

Oh! and also tremendous hair growth ... Missy looks like a clydesdale or a hobbit now, she's got so much hair bwahhahahhahaha ... but then that's what you want in a Golden Retriever. She's Miss Fluffy Feathering now.

On top of her allergy meds possibly being the source of her eating problem, she has Cushings Disease and she was just tested and it was found her current dosage is way too high. WHAT?!

And the vet eyeballed her teeth while she was there for her Cushings test and found that one tooth looked problematic. So yesterday she went to be knocked out so the vet could ascertain what all was going on with her teeth. Turned out the one tooth that he thought was a problem, wasn't. But she had two other teeth that her gums had completely grown over. So she had to have her gums cut back and those two teeth removed ACK! She came home with antibiotics and a much lower dose of her Cushings meds.

So there are three things that could be causing her poor appetite - the wrong Cushings dosage, the Cyclosporine and her teeth and gum problems. Poor baby! 

Makes one feel like a horrible doggy parent and we take her to the vet (she has two vets now since she has a dermatologist too ay yi yi) at least four times a year. sniffle sniffle hanging my head ...

Still sick over here but inching towards better. Was supposed to go to the eye doctor for follow up today but changed it until next Wednesday, wanting more time to feel better for myself and not wanting to give my eye doctor this lousy bug. 
Doing a little bit of light puttering around the house since boredom is running HIGH.

Reading "Olive Kitteridge" ... fantastic writing but oh good grief this book is bleak. Don't grab this if you want a feel good book. Holy moly.

Loved binge watching "The Honorable Woman" over the weekend!

And loved Emma "Hermione Granger" Watson's speech at the UN assembly and He For She Campaign. Speech on You Tube here. Full transcript of speech here. No one, no one, should be thought of or treated as less than, ever.

Monday, September 22, 2014

eighteen years

Still sick over here ... and worse, coughing and sneezing and bobbing one's head, do little to aid in the healing of a wonky eyeball. No sirree, they add to the problem.  WAH!

 So hard to believe it's been eighteen years today since 
my mom passed away. Missing you Mom!