Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Testing out my new found marketing skills

I found this cookie recipe which requires Kraft caramels - I'm warning you now because judging by my keen eye on the "got to have" status of the Turkey Tablecloth - Kraft caramels are going to fly off the market shelf!

Ready. Set. Go. Go, I said. Now. Go buy your caramels before those Turkey Tablecloth buying people buy them all!!!

Caramel Stuffed Apple Cider Cookies from the Cooking Photographer!!!

And look at this wonderful Thanksgiving Garland from Rawbone Studio! Run on over at look at all the flickr images of this holiday delight! Can you hear me squealing, next year, next year, I'm going to make one like that! oooohhhh! So cute!
Rawbone Studio flickr

And for some goofy fun, check out the participants in last year's Turkey Shaped Jello Mold Contest at Danielle Spencer. It will have you wondering where are those 2009 creative people and their turkey mold entries! (I couldn't find anything for 2009 - perhaps it's early days for bringing out the jello mold?!) Oh! Please note you can see prior years entries as well - links at top of page.
Turkey-shaped Jell-O® Mold: 2008 Competition


  1. Saving this one. They sound great. I love cider and I love caramels. Yummmmmmmie

  2. I saw Rawbone's banner on flickr and fell in love with it. And those cookies...drooling...must buy caramels. hahaha! Have a good night, Sally! xo Pam

  3. Hi Kate! I love cider too and don't these sound like fun?! You certainly deserve a batch with all that remodeling you're doing. Enjoy!

  4. Hi Pam! I know! I saw your name as a commenter on one of her photos of her wonderful garland. I thought, "Hey! Pam's here too!" :)
    Happy Thursday!