Friday, November 6, 2009

Plumb tuckered out ...

and running on empty. I've been trying to come up with something to say on my blog and I'm just like ... duh, huh, what ... and can't think of a thing. (I think my So. Cal. upbringing is showing with that sentence, huh?!) I think I wore out my middle aged brain with all the Halloween posting. OUCH! So it looks like it's going to be a stream of consciousness post - please forgive me.

I'm so silly - I really want this tablecloth at Pottery Barn Kids! We saw it in the window last weekend and it's so CUTE! No elegant earth tone frou frou table dressing for me - I want turkeys in boats, arriving in the new world. Tune in later to see, will she or won't she succumb to the unbearable cuteness of it! The strange thing is that at the actual store, they have turkey placemats but they don't have them online ... usually it's vice versa, more stuff online than at the store. What gives PBK?! Where you hiding those place mats from me??? Perhaps a subtle message from them that I need to grow up and put aside turkeys in tall ships ...

It's pretty comical since we won't be home for Thanksgiving dinner. Ay yi yi. Well let me amend that, we are vegetarian and we always have our own Thanksgiving dinner the day before at home. Then on Thanksgiving, we go out to dinner with my family and some family friends for dinner. We've been going out since my mother passed away - no one else wants to cook.

Well, I would cook but I dare say anyone would jump for joy over Tofurky other than hubs and I. So we go out.

And I always like to bring a little giftie for everyone who comes. Some chocolates or home made cookies or one time I got everyone pumpkin tea and apple truffles. yummers! And I like to package everything creatively - I like the presentation to be as fun as the gift. I need to get off of my computer glued rear end and figure out what I will bring this year and how I will foo foo it up!


  1. SALLY!!!!!!!!!!! I just got the sweetest package from you! How did that happen? I was supposed to give YOU a prize. It is SOOOO cute. I am hanging Percival on the chandelier in the dining room so I can admire him all through Thanksgiving. You are amazing! Such fabulous stitching! I am so touched that you would give me something so wonderful. You must have spent hours and hours making it. :) And your packaging is amazing! You could give classes.
    AND I got some SEE's chocolate! SOB! I miss See's! LOL! You are so sweet, my friend. Love & thank you & a big hug! xoxoxox Pam

    PS I LOVE that tablecloth! haha!

  2. I love this table cloth. Who cares that it was in the kids section. Fabulous.

  3. PAM!!!!!!!!!! ;)
    Yippie! You got your package and you liked it! La la la la, doing the happy dance over here! I had to send you a thank you, you showered me with me with the adorableness of Marty and artwork. ARTWORK! How talented you are Miss Pam!
    You're so sweet, I'm so glad you like your Percival, I had so much fun making him. I thought you might enjoy some See's (I enjoyed some myself teehee!) - memories of California. You're too kind - I'm so anal, I like the packaging to be fun too.
    Hugs and Happy Saturday!
    P.S. It's going to be all of 68 degrees here today, so very thrilling, postively chilly haha! And then back up again next week. I never thought I'd get tired of summer but this eternal one, I sure can live without!

  4. Hi Kate! Isn't the table cloth adorable?!! I keep going back and forth with myself over buying it and I'm making myself dizzy - goodness knows, I'm already dizzy teehee!

  5. The table cloth is very cute ~ go for it! :) And I think I like your way of doing Thanksgiving is very tempting. Seems like it would take some of the pressure out of the holiday which is appealing! I love the idea of giving little gifts too, I've always wanted to give those Sees chocolate turkey's as favors! Based on Yobo's rave reviews you have a knack for beautiful wrapping/packaging. Maybe you should give us a tutorial since I have no skills in this area!!!

  6. Hi Lori! I'm still thinking about the table cloth - I shouldn't spend the money, especially on a table cloth. Where's that money tree?!
    Re Thanksgiving - I sure wish I had a regular family, where people would take turns hosting it but since we have no volunteers except for me, eating out fits right now. And our having our own means we get to eat what we want and not feel too cranky over the slim pickings for vegetarians at the restaurant.
    I've given the See's turkey's on several Thanksgivings, they're so colorful and festive and of course, YUMMY!
    You're so sweet, I wish I could do a tutorial about something. Truth is, Pam is being her sweetheart of a self and too kind - I don't do anything extraordinary in the wrapping but I do enjoy it. I didn't get a photo of the wrapping I did for her but I did photograph the things I sent her, maybe I'll share those this week.
    Happy happy week to you!