Sunday, November 15, 2009

In the shape of a heart

(gosh, I love that old Jackson Browne song!)

A while ago I was invited to join a group (organized by the wonderful Jane of Wyldhare's Hollow) and celebrate a fellow blogger, darling Elizabeth of Creative Breathing. Individually, our love and friendship would take the shape of a heart. The work of our hands and heart would then form a chain, a garland of our esteem and admiration made visible. Heart to hands, hands to heart.

My gift has been received now so I thought I'd show it here also. (Elizabeth has taken much better photos of mine than I have!)

I haven't sewn anything in years and it has been such fun to dip in again. And it was also surprisingly moving emotionally, like going home again. I had forgotten how much I love fibers. Ideas are swirling around in my brain, wishes for more time going out into the universe.

& It was so much fun to dig around my stash and find heart paper and make a gift card also with the heart garland theme.

From me to you dear Elizabeth. Heart to heart!

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