Thursday, November 19, 2009

ACK! The list is too long!

I'm turning into a nervous wreck over here with all of the to-do's and gotta do's and wish I could do's. All of which means, I shouldn't even be on the computer, should I?!! So I may go silent for a bit ... or ... I may babble on nervously ... maybe a bit of both, in the days to come! ;)

WAH! whinnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeee

Shop for caramels before "those" people (you know who are, gobsmackers and thwarters of dreams!) buy them all!
Make Thanksgiving Cards, so I can get them into the mail on time!
Find what I did with and wrap dad's 91st birthday gift!!!
Make dad's favorite ginger cookies for his bday.
Family dinner out with dad for his bday.
Make cookies and see if they are holiday wonderful enough.
Go insane and make something else if they turn out to be poopie.
Figure out and make whoopdidoo packaging of holiday cookies.
Make holiday tags for whoopdidoo cookie packages.
Figure out wrapping for holiday chocolates for everyone.
New dress for Thanksgiving???
Hair appointment.
I just know I'm leaving something out?!
Oh! Order wonderful vegan Thanksgiving for us from Real Food Daily for Wednesday night:


  1. Sally! hahaha! I can so relate. Oh my GAWD how will we make it through the holidays??? I can feel my eye starting to twitch!! OK, good news, Maria cracked and posted some thrift info on my blog so run over there and read it. The threat of you singing on PCH did the trick.

    xoxox Pam

  2. I so can get this. But, my suggestion is to move the hair appointment up on the list. Remember, it's all about the hair....he-he....

    Good luck. Don't drive yourself crazy with perfection. It's really really OK....

  3. Hi Pam! Breath in breath out. Sending you a hand to hold onto through this crazy ride. OH! That reminds me, I worked at a job where I was miserable and my eye twitched for months!!!
    Hahhahahhaha! The golden throat strikes again! Skipping over to your blog for thrifty goodness. :)

  4. Hi Kate! You have ESP - I'm getting the hair done tomorrow!!!

    I know I know - none of this festive stuff even matters to anyone else but me - I have this deal about wanting to make everything special for everybody else. I need my head examined and a rest cure! :)