Monday, November 23, 2009

Cards ... check. Bday ... check.

Two down.

A gazillion to go.

WAH! I have entered the land of the fried and frenzied. I was already plenty stressed and then ... last night at dinner for my dad's 91st birthday, my dad told me that four people are coming on Thanksgiving that I didn't know about!!! Huh? What?!

I am now a blithering and twitching idiot. Breathe in breath out.

Saturday we ran errands and also went to the so fab store, Traditions. Oh my gosh. Not only do they have wonderful Christmas decorations, they have decor for every holiday! They have an online store, check them out and be prepared to have a bad case of the "I wanna's"!

I bought a feather tree (and some vintage looking small ornaments) for the wonderful ornaments I bought from Stephanie at Old World Primitives. Stephanie has a wonderful blog and Etsy shop. These are the three darling sets I bought from Stephanie, aren't they charming?!

We had lunch at our favorite vegan restaurant, Madeleine Bistro.
A trip there must always include their Red beet tartare (with warm tofu cheese crouton, English cucumber, balsamic glace)! So delicious!!!

OH! I had an Apple Cider Cinnamon Caramel juice to drink. Tasty goodness! To die for. Some experimenting will be going on to replicate that. Wow.

Saturday night was a lot of fun. One my husbands students invited us to see her dance recital. Not only were there tiny children (so cute in their costumes!) on up to teenagers, the mother's of the students were also a part of the group. And to top it off, several of my husbands students from years past were there to see their sisters and mothers perform and they all wanted to talk to hubs. A very lovely evening, beautiful costumes, smiling faces, sweet memories of days gone by. Oh and conchas and hot chocolate! YUMMERS!

Sunday was the final push on completing my Thanksgiving cards - argh, I'm slow - and then Dad's 91st birthday dinner. I wished him a Happy 10th Birthday - nine + one = 10!

Today is errands and a return to square one and rethinking what I'm making for Thanksgiving. If you have any spare creative vibe mojo, please send it my way. WAH!


  1. Oh my gosh, Sally! You are so busy. Happy Birthday to your Dad - that's fabulous! And good luck with those extra folks at the table. More Tofurkey!!!! :) And YOU are the person that bought Stephanie's ornaments! I have been oogling those for weeks. haha! Okay, not weeks, but I love her things so much! I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving day, my friend! I know you are going to make it just wonderful for your friends and family. xoxo Pam

  2. Hi Sally,
    Wishing your Dad a very Happy Birthday - and you a fun and un-frenzied Thanksgiving. :) I envy you living within shopping distance of Traditions - I love their website! It is a huge store? They have sooo many wonderful holiday decorations.

    And I am SO glad that you are enjoying your ornaments - many thanks for sharing them here too! :)

    Looking at that yummy red beet tartare is making me hungry now!


  3. Hi Pam! Nah, I'm not busy, it must just read that way - I barely have a life at all!
    Yup, my dad is doing pretty well - his age has started to catch up with him the past two years but - he still works!
    If it's possible, Stephanie's ornaments are even cuter in person! So you've got to get yourself some. So darling!
    Happy week to you and yours!

  4. Hi Stephanie!
    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes for my dad!
    Traditions is about a half hour away, which can easily double or worse in our unpredictable traffic. grumble grumble. I've been hearing about it for years and only just made it out there. It's so wonderful that my husband said that he'd happily go with me again anytime, could have knocked me over with a feather to hear that! He bought a kind of painted wooden plaque with a Christmas scene for his classroom.
    I was very surprised - the store turns out to be a huge warehouse type building - not posh in the least - I assumed it would be from the list of artists work they sell. It's jam packed with wonderful goodies.
    The Beet Tartare is my favorite thing at the restaurant - if you love beets, it's heavenly.
    Will you be cooking for Thanksgiving? Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday!

  5. Hi Sally,
    That is actually how I pictured Traditions, since they have such an extensive inventory! I would just want to dive right into it all. :)

    I am lucky enough to just be in charge of bringing the wine to Thanksgiving dinner - my aunt and uncle are hosting this year. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. Hi Stephanie,
    I told the clerk I was going to have to camp out for a week there, there's so much to see! I'm hoping to get back again before Christmas. Gonna have to rob a few banks in the interim. ;)
    You lucky! I wish I had a family that would trade off holidays. Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving!

  7. Hi Sally! Just dropping in to say Happy Thanksgiving to you, in case I don't get back to Blog World for a day or two. Have fun, and thank you for being my blog pal (I am thankful!) xoxo Pam

  8. Hi Pammie Wammie! I'm working my way backwards! You're a sweetie, thank you! I am thankful for your friendship and kindness too!
    Happy happy holiday weekend to you and yours! Wishing you a lovely time with your mommy and your kiddies all home.