Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday blog love

appleberry cottage
Charmed Life
country diary of a city girl
crown stitches
Deep Fried Cupcake
Dip Diddley Designs
Dixon Hill Doings
hos nabon
Ink on my fingers
Joey's Dream Garden
La~D~Da stitchers and lovers blog
laundry etc.
Lola Nova
loving the vintage
My Lovely Life
my muse
Roo's Treehouse
Snapdragon's garden
the ditty bag
writing from life


  1. I really enjoyed going through these! Twyla

  2. Hi Twyla! I'm so glad you had fun! Wishing you a lovely rest of the week!

  3. Hey Sally- I have a Singer Confidence sewing machine and it has worked great so far... I looked at the reviews on amazon and people have good things to say about it. I am hardly an expert tho. I just knew I wanted a middle range machine that wasn't going to break on me. Hope this helps! Learning to sew is fun!

  4. Hi Lori! Thanks so much for letting me know what machine you have. I've seen the Singer Confidence on Martha Stewart and it looks great. I've been wondering about it and I'm so glad to hear you like yours. I used to make simple clothes for myself when I was a teen age flower child but I never was very adventurous.
    Happy Friday!