Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I dreamed Michelle Obama ...

... came to help me out with my holiday prep last night! bwahahhahahah!

That's how stressed out I am, the wife of the Commander in Chief had to be called in. YIKES!

Oh goodness me.

I made pumpkin boxes yesterday to hold the cookies. I bought this template online. I guess paper crafting is not one of my talents. You really have to finesse the bottom so that it fits under the lid. WAH! And then they were too big for the cellophane bags I assumed they'd fit in. sniffle sniffle SOB. The pumpkin boxes are pretty cute but they're also rather flimsy (read extremely) and the lid doesn't attach in any way, so they need to be inside of something for presentation.

Thank heavens for rolls of cellophane that I kept buying, thinking I didn't have any! Don't let them tell you that shopping is a bad thing teehee. So I'm hoping they'll look okay wrapped up in cellophane. Oh please please please!

As I write this, I am still debating the cookie recipes I will be baking today. I wanted to make a pumpkin blossom one - you know, like the yummy peanut butter one with Hershey's Kisses on top, except this is a pumpkin cookie with a cream cheese blob on top. But that means they need to be refrigerated and then packed tomorrow, as close to departure time as possible ... which means I'd be scrambling before leaving. And I hate that. It makes me unpleasant. ;)

I decided I wanted pumpkin cookies because of the you know, pumpkin boxes. Oh me and my thematic excess. ARGH!

Anyway, I've got to go and tell Michelle what she can help me with. :)

Happy almost Thanksgiving to everyone!


  1. Sally - you are so funny! :) Good luck! I hope Michelle has some cookie ideas. xox Pam

  2. What a funny dream... (I love Michelle!) Hope you have a lovely and stress-free holiday!

    Glad you got the pattern. My daughter saw it and now she wants us (she and her friends) to make cuffs together... we'll see... :)

    And I plan to take some photos of the green bean recipe tonight and will post. I'm sure it would be great with fake bacon!


  3. Hi Pam! I forgot to ask Michelle to bring Sasha and Malia along to help with the cookies! ;)
    Happy Turkey Day to you and your family!

  4. Hi Lori! Isn't it a crack up, too funny what the mind comes up with!

    Oh! The wrist cuff would be a fun pattern to do with the kiddies! There's also a fun pseudo knitting thing in Family Fun - arm wristlets or whatever you call them??? You do them like spool knitting but on a tin can and I want to make some (since I don't knit)!

    Yeah! I love green beanies! I'll look forward to seeing the recipe.

    Happy Turkey Day to you and your family!

  5. Such a funny post! Why do we do it to ourselves? The possibility of crafting perfection! Happy Thanksgiving to you! Elizabeth

  6. Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for commiserating with me! I am vowing to myself, not to go through this again. WAH! So it's either begin Christmas now or lower my expectations of myself - both are very hard for me. And tomorrow is December - how on earth did that happen?!
    Happy week to you!