Thursday, November 19, 2009

PSA: Do not confuse the canned jalapenos

... with the canned mild green chilies!!! ARGH! Can you see the steam rising out of my head?!

I left you earlier to go to the market for the caramels for the apple cider cookies ... SUCCESS! wahoo! ... and then came home and made a soup recipe I had wanted to try.

I had seen this Brie and Green Chile Soup on the gorgeous, Once in a Blue Moon blog. So I searched for a recipe with ingredient amounts included (she seldom includes the amounts, she's such a great cook that I guess she can just wing it)on the internet and found one. So today was the day! Make the soup and then hit the ground running and begin my Thanksgiving cards.
Brie and Green Chili Soup at Once in a Blue Moon
Brie and Green Chili Soup at Big Oven (with ingredient amounts)

Well ... as I'm getting ready to dump the chilies into the soup, I see that I have picked up two cans of jalapenos, instead of two cans of mild green chilies. Okie dokie, so I decide to just add the one can to be on the safe side.

Well then ... I lost my mind and decided that maybe I should put half of the second can in after all.


Whoa! I nearly spontaneously combusted right there on the spot! I had to load my soup up with crackers and just take a teeny tiny bite.

My left ear even started pulsating from the heat of the jalapenos. bwahahhahahahaha!

Anyway, the good news is that my sinuses are no longer congested AND I've got the prototype for my cards made. YABBA DABBA DOO!

So I'm off to do some housework and then begin my assembly line of cards. :)


  1. At least you could find a bright spot in your situation. It's funny because I had soup that was too hot for lunch today. I decided to spoon it over some rice I had and that really helped! Twyla

  2. Oh, Sally! I think jalapenos just get hotter when they are cooked! Seems like it anyway. LOL! Well, you have cleared your sinuses and then some. :)
    I can't believe you are making Thanksgiving cards. You rock!!!! I haven't even thought about that big dinner that is coming our way next Thursday. EEEEEK!!!!!! happy Friday, my friend! xox

  3. Hi Twyla! I kept giggling, all the while I thought the top of my head was going to blow off! I'm so sorry you suffered from the same thing today - it's the week of the too spicy soup! Thank heavens for readily at hand rice and crackers to dampen the fires. :)
    Happy weekend!

  4. Hi Pam! I think you're right, I think they must get exponentially hotter when heated. OUCH!
    I love making cards - the problem is I always wait too long to begin and drive myself nuts with the stress of the shortage of time. I hate being a procrastinator. :(
    Happy Friday and weekend to you!

  5. This cracks me up, I've done the same thing but didn't catch my mistake before everyone sat down to dinner! Yikes! My daughter was watching a show on the food channel a few days ago and this dude ate something made with many habanero peppers, each one is equal to like 40 jalapenos! WHY???

  6. Hi Lori! :)
    OH! Apparently I am a wuss. My husband ate a big old soup spoonful, filled with the jalapenos and didn't blink an eye. Geez. He must have a mouth made out of asbestos. He can also slurp down HOT coffee - makes me hurt just watching him.
    I made a chili recipe once and I guess I didn't taste it enough because it nearly blew the heads off of myself and my girlfriends I had invited to lunch! Yeouch! It was spicy!
    I've never eaten a Habanero, I think it would kill me. ;)