Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday blog love

A bit of this ... a bit of that.
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Vintage Scraps by Meg
Whimsy Love


  1. Sally, Of course you would believe this from me, I was halfway down your post before I realized it wasn't a poem. Try it for yourself, it's really quite pretty! Too funny, so me! Thank you forever much for your beautiful heart. I think it is my favorite with it's little nest. Your comment today is what I believe my children would write of their life with me. My poor children know EVERY old movie because of me! Such fun! EAK! Our turkey day countdown is coming too soon. Have a great one! E

  2. Hi Sally! I think they sound like the lyrics to a pretty song. :) I will have to go visit some of these - they are so tempting. Or I could do the laundry. Hmmm....haha! xoxox Pam

  3. Hi Elizabeth! You're so fun! It does read like something other than what it is, doesn't it?!
    You're so very welcome, I'm so glad you are enjoying your heart so much, I had a wonderful time making it. I had never done "couching" before and I had such fun making the nest for your heart, so I'm especially touched and thrilled that you like the nest.
    Until middle age hit, I had inherited my mother's ability to name all the actors and old movies - now I can barely remember my own name. ;)
    Happy almost turkey day to you and your dear ones!

  4. Hi Pam! You guys are so cute! I hadn't even noticed that there's a "flow" to the blog names and a lyrical quality - I was busy gnashing my teeth over making all the links bwahahhahahahaha!
    Nah, don't do the laundry, nuh uh - play some instead! :) Some days I put off the housework until my husband is nearly home and then I spin around like a whirling dervish, getting it all done! ;)
    Happy housework avoidance Tuesday!