Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Things that go bump in the night ...

Make a ghost magnet from Free Kids Crafts
Ghost Magnet

Make salt dough ghosts from Family Fun (I made the paper bag tree last year - a lot of fun!)
Salt Dough Ghosts

Make a Boo Nilla shake at Martha Stewart
Boo Nilla Shake

Make white chocolate ghost suckers from Roots and Wings
Ghost Suckers

Make a ghost necklace from Martha Stewart
Ghost Necklace

Make a ghost garland from wendolonia
Ghost Garland


  1. These are all so cute! I think I love the paper bag tree the best of all - what a great idea. :) xo Pam

  2. Hi Pam! Glad you enjoyed the ghosties. Isn't the paper bag tree great?! I had a lot of fun making it last year.