Monday, October 12, 2009

Bite me

Vampire Mask from Woman's Day
Vampire Mask

Recipe for Vampire Blood at Family Crafts
Vampire Blood

Origami Dracula at Family Crafts
Origami Dracula

Vampire face painting at Hello Kids
Vampire face painting

Stitch a bunny vampire and his friends from Craft blog
Creepy Critters embroidery pattern

Byron the Red Bat from Etsy seller, little black forest
Byron the Red Bat
little black forest

Vampire Suckers, found on Crafster
Vampire Suckers

Dracula treat box tutorial from Dream, Create and Share
Dracula treat box


  1. Sally - It's like getting a present to come here and see all the goodies you have found! I love the little plushie vampire, and the origami one. If there were only about 50 hours in a day, I could try some of these things! LOL!! You have a great night, and do not worry about the award at ALL. xoxo Pam

  2. Hi Pam!
    You're such a sweetie, thank you for being such a sweet soul. Isn't the plushie cute and the origami is so much fun!!
    I know, we need several lifetimes to do any of that fun stuff, huh?! You at least have children and your artwork and you bookwriting and your new man. :) I just have an elderly dog and an old man. bwahahahahahaha! I have no excuse. ;)
    No no no. I love that you gave me an award, well, love and am thrown into a shaking mess over it teehee. I will embrace it and come through it. :)