Friday, October 30, 2009

Thank you Pam!

The adorable and oh so talented, Pam at yoborobo, had a giveaway and I won the second prize!!! The absolutely darling, little gremlin guy, Marty arrived yesterday. As if he wasn't the greatest gift, Pam enclosed a signed print of her wonderful artwork too!!!

Pam, you are the kindest, dearest, most generous and fabulously talented person! Thank you thank you thank you for being my friend and pal and such a sweetie & such a generous spirit and thank you so much for Marty and your gorgeous print! (whew! worlds longest sentence!)

And since you asked where my 2009 Halloween card is, here it is, somehow I produced something in the frantic mess that was yesterday. Couldn't have been easier, I made a skull template and used paper punches and cardstock. Oh and rick rack too. :)


  1. Cute card! I love skellies! And Marty is so cute too. Yoborobo's stuff is so original!

  2. Hi Lori! Thank you! I was going to do something with vintage family photos but it just didn't work and fortunately I came up with this in the nick of time - I hope everyone gets their cards today. WAH!
    Pam's guys and gals are so cute and Marty is so adorable. So very exciting!