Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More more more Halloween crafty goodness!

Candy Corn bark candy at allrecipes, found via one pretty thing
Candy Corn Bark recipe
One Pretty Thing

Little Pumpkin Head from Linda Albrecht
Little Pumpkin Head tutorial

Halloween masks at spool
Halloween masks

Betty Boo Sock Doll from Heather Bailey
Betty Boo Sock Doll

Halloween Wreath by Leah Fung at Making Memories
Halloween Wreath tutorial
Leah Fung's blog

snowflake pumpkins from mer mag
snowflake pumpkins tutorial

Spooky Spinners from the adorable Jenny B Harris at Owlsorts
Spooky Spinners tutorial

Vintage Halloween Peg People from Zakka Life
Vintage Halloween Peg People

Vintage Halloween ornaments from The Swell Life
Vintage Halloween Ornaments


  1. So, I just got a cavity looking at that first picture of the candy cane bark..... Love all your T and Ts

  2. Hi Kate! I know, pure sugar, huh?! Glad you've enjoyed the T&T's! :)

  3. I love the sock doll and the pinwheels. Need more TIME to make things! ;) xo Pam

  4. Hi Pam! Isn't the sock doll fun?! I love the pinwheels too and I really want to make vintage lookalike ornaments. Several dozen lifetimes are required for all this crafty ambition!