Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Something to crow about ...

Easy cardboard tube Crow from Kaboose
Cardboard tube crow

Chart for Halloween Crow Stocking at Grandma's Kitchen
Crow Stocking
(Sorry! I have the direct link entered but it's not going there for some reason??? So please click on the "Odd Socks" stocking on the left side bar.

Crow and Pumpkin applique patterns from Free Stitchin' Patterns
Crow and Pumpkin Applique patterns

Here's something to crow about! An October sampler with crows from the charming Aurelle! (Just flip the "e" and "r" if you wish.)
Octobre sampler

Free Halloween Crow Tree graphic from SkullBlossom
Halloween Crow Tree graphic

Learn how to make a crow using paper punches from Blinkin', Thinkin', Inkin'
Paper Punch Crow


  1. I love the crows. Between pumpkins and the crows you pretty much have me covered on the Fall needs. These are all very cute. I was just wondering what to do with that T.P. roll and now I know.

  2. I love crows, and ravens. We get a murder of them every now and then (love that word!! :) in our woods, and I am always surprised at how loud they are. xox Pam

  3. I'm so glad you guys enjoyed the crows! You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find free crow/black bird/raven crafts - it was the hardest one yet for me.

    I thought the TP crow was really cute too Kate!

    I love that too Pam "a murder" of crows! (I thought the black birds squawking around our house were crows but hubby was told they're just "black birds" - so I guess I've never seen a real crow???)