Friday, October 30, 2009

Nearing the witching hour

Did you think I was done? nuh uh, not me ... I'm like the Ever Ready bunny once I get a hold of something! Now don't fret or fuss, all I've manage to get done are my Halloween cards. So no worries - it's all good and there's always next year! I'll be trying to decorate tonight and watching Frankenweenie and maybe Sleepy Hollow too, love Tim Burton! Happy Halloween!

Halloween Bingo card printables from Creating Myself (play a game or use for artwork)
Halloween Bingo cards (there are several more images)

Antique Cabinet Card Halloween Nut Cups tutorial by Jenny Heid (Everyday is a Holiday) for Joli Paquet
Antique Cabinet Card Halloween Nut Cups

Adam's Scary Apples from Matt Bites
Matt Bites

Funny Bones recipe from Epicurious, found via the wonderful Edible Crafts
Funny Bones recipe at Epicurious
Edible Crafts (tons of Halloween food ideas here!)

Marshmallow Ghost Bites from the Decorated Cookie
Marshmallow Ghosts

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