Saturday, June 16, 2012

vintage fabric

edited to add: Fabric piece is four yards long by 44 or 45 inches wide. The print motif is approximately 14 inches tall. The fabric is a printed linen (or linen-like) fabric. It is in excellent pristine condition. I could not find a manufactures name on the selvedge edge.

For those of you that are recent followers, you may not know the reason I am posting all this vintage stuff and perhaps are wondering where it's all coming from.  My father passed away last year and seemingly neither of my parents threw much away.  I've been going through fifty years + of my families things for the past year and sharing some of the fun stuff here.

I was so sad to find that all of my mom's calico quilt fabrics were gone, I always assumed it would be there when I was ready - I am guessing my father must have given it to his housekeeper. My dad would sometimes give her things for her church rummage sales.  (Much sadder, I was never able to find the quilt she had begun making for me WAH!)

But I did find this adorable fabric, probably from the early 70s, judging by the colors and motif? Isn't it fun?! The print is HUGE. I wonder what on earth my mom planned to make?

I'm wondering about selling it? Does anyone sell vintage fabric on Etsy or Ebay?  I haven't measured yet but I'm guessing there's about five or six yards.  Anybody have an idea what I should list it for?

Thank you!


  1. I absolutely love the fabric! Let me know the cost when you decide! The Queen wants first choice! Tiffany

  2. I know nothing except what a fun fabric! I wonder, indeed, what she was thinking of using it for??