Friday, June 22, 2012

the sun is shining ...

the sun is shining
the weather is sweet
make you want to move your dancing feet
~ bob marley

Yippie! It's summer!  Today is the husbands last day of school WAHOO!  Time for summer vacation.

The sun is not cooperating here ... stinking So. Cal. June Gloom.  Bah humbug.  Oh well, my spirit is light and bright and I'm looking forward to movies and museums and and and lots of fun stuff.  Hoping to hit the Santa Monica Farmers Market every week for two months, would love that. 

The hubs wants to go to the new CARS land at Disneyland/California Adventure but I just read that the line on the new rides are taking up to five and a half hours. FIVE AND A HALF HOURS. How does one stand in line for that long and not go insane?!  Alas, not my kind of thing ... at all.

Thinking lots about crafting over here ... my youngest nieces birthday is next Friday so some celebratory homemade whatsit for her is on my list ... I hope to get some 4th of July cards made ... and I'm hoping to get going on my stitching project after a trip to the needlework store tomorrow.

I found this vintage red white and blue ribbon in my grandmother's things and the funny Blue Chip Stamps and the wonderful vintage photo, in my mom's things.

The darling girl holding the flag in the photo, keeps appearing in my mother's family photos. I have no idea who she is???  I'm guessing she must be a cousin of my mom's, but so far none of the photos bear a name on them.  It's so sad to not know the stories of all these people.

She is my muse and 4th of July inspiration this year.


  1. Can I come hang out with you this summer? Sounds like lots of fun is gonna be happening over at your place. I can;t wait to see the patriotic craft you come up with. The picture is great. Don't you hate it though, when you don't know who's in a family photo. I have alot ot those!
    ANyway-I guess my question about blogger is trying to add little pictures for my category bar. I googled it, but I guess I'm not sure what the bar is even called. I found lots of how to's on adding categories, which is how I did mine. Well don't worry about it-if you happen to see anything just let me know. I guess I feel pretty comfy around you Miss Sally. Have a great weekend and enjoy your hubs being home!
    HUgs, Leslie

  2. Wow, that's exciting about getting the birth certificate. It's weird how exciting stuff like that is. I found my Dad's parents on Ellis Island, when no one else had, because of a name change. I was hyped up over that for days, and was glad to order a copy of the ships manifest and show it to my Dad before he died. I think that's what got me so hooked.
    ANyway wish I could take old rt.66. I think we'd have a good time. Have a great weekend and let me know if you guys do anything exciting. Just hanging out here with son-he's going to Europe on Monday for 2 weeks. Lucky him-wish I could hide in his backpack! Hugs, Leslie

  3. M e again. I think there's a way to go back and label posts if you do want to add catagories in the future. There is a trick, tho, so you don't delete all your posts. I'd have to google that to find out.

  4. Hi Sally! YAY for summer! :)) And you have lots of great events planned. I'm coming over! I've been sifting through a lot of family photos and running into the same thing: people with no names who are in a bunch of photos! And I don't have anyone to ask, so that makes it a little difficult. Hope you are getting some Mr. Sun and enjoying yourself! xox
    PS. 5 and half hours is completely insane.

  5. Sounds like an exciting summer! Love that pic , it is inspiring.

  6. Hi, Just wanted to tell you son is going through France and into Spain. We're waiting to hear that he arrived in Paris today. I had a tough time finding my Grands on the Ellis Island site. I tried every spelling and version of their last name. I also searched my Grandma and Uncle who was a baby-becuz sometimes things will pop up that way. I don't think there was any other way in by ship. Keep me posted on the search.Hang in there.Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend.