Tuesday, June 19, 2012

chocolatey joy with joy the baker

You're right, I just want to play today!  I did get my errands run and I did begin to go through more paperwork and stuff. 

I must have OCD because I had four ... FOUR ... file box size boxes of recipes I've clipped out and accumulated over the years, all sorted and categorized blah blah blah. FOUR!  Now that's focused and determined and diligent, huh?!  Good grief. Thankfully it finally hit me ... walloped me ... that I don't need to keep those four boxes, that I could get rid of them. 

VOILA!  Four whole boxes lighter ...

... right?!  


I just had to look at all these wonderful sounding recipes and great photos and of course the "Oh, I'll only keep a few recipes" pile, keeps growing. 

Anyway, as I was going through the last of the saved recipes after lunch, I found this article ("Warm chocolate cake, no sharing") about adorable blogger, Joy the Baker, in the February 2012 issue of Sunset Magazine.  With a recipe ("Single-girl melty chocolate peanut butter cake") for an individual serving of one of those molten chocolate cake thingies.  

If you know me, you know there's little in life that I love more than chocolate ... my husband, my dog and chocolate. My life in a nutshell ... er, cocoa bean.  

I'm so sad these days as I'm trying to not eat dessert during the week anymore since the old lady heftage has crept up on me.  Can you tell what's coming next?  I know you can!  

Being a good blogger and chocolate enabler, I knew photos were required.  I removed it at ten minutes as Joy told me I should do for a "molten" center.  YUM!  But I didn't like the look of the bubbles in my photo ... although yummy looking, not blog worthy ahhahhahhahaha!

So I sifted some powder sugar over it to hide my bubbles ... did I fool you?  Looks pretty tasty, huh?

You may want to avert your eyes for this next bit ...  ACK!

And then I remembered that she had taken hers out of the ramekin ... soooooo ... I tipped my MOLTEN hot custard cup, filled with MOLTEN hot chocolate and it was so hot (through TWO potholders!) that I dropped the cup into the pool of chocolatey yumminess.  WAHHHHHHHHHHH!  I see she used a nice straight sided ramekin, which I don't own ... wonder if that would have made a difference, could I have gotten a better grip on one of those?  Or was I just too eager?  

Anyway, it was GOOD.  Good chocolatey times.  You can find the recipe here


  1. I'm soooooo going to make this tomorrow! This is my kind of thing! With a cup of coffee...omg! :) Thank you!!!

  2. Love the chocolate. It's so yummy.