Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stamp Collecting on Vintage Thingie Thursday

Please join the vintage fun with Suzanne at Colorado Lady!

This week I'm sharing some fun stamp collecting stuff I found that belonged to my brother when he was a child. 

Here's some nifty First Day Covers from 1957 and 1958.  

I found this fun kit from Nestle, dated 1958 - complete with the cutest little plastic magnifying glass, photo hinges and stamps.  It was one of those promotional items where you sent in labels and received merchandise for a small amount.  We sure loved our Nestle's Quick at our house so one label was easy peasy for us to come up with.

I even found the booklet with the offer and order form in it, so much fun!  Send today for this sensational offer! $1.50 value for only $0.50!  Powerful stamp magnifier. hahhahahahhaha

Oh look! They tell us what a "Nestle label unit is" on the left hand side.
We would have had to send in "one lid or label tracing from any size Quick".

A hobby for the whole family

Then it has a comic and "the true story behind the stamp"

The stamp album is in excellent mint shape, with not a single stamp placed inside - 
I'm guessing my uber stamp collecting mother must have been the instigator of this hobby!


  1. LOL A Hobby For The Whole Family! :)
    Super cute!

  2. Your brother had some great vintage treasures. They are definitely keepers.

  3. Vintage stamps are fun! We have a lot of old postcards and they always have the neatest stamps on them. Fun to see how much they have changed over the years!

  4. this post brought back memories from my stamp collecting days, great fun. :)

  5. Just look at those wonderful vintage stamps! When I ws a young girl I remember regular stamps were 3 cents! Times have sure changed!
    Thank you for sharing these fascinating and nostalgic treasures!
    have a great weekend, my friend!
    Thank you for your comments on my blog. I love reading each one!

  6. Me and Nestle were best friends when I was a kid! I still have my stamp collection. Love all the stamp stuff in this post. Have a great weekend for Fathers Day. See you next week!