Monday, June 18, 2012


Some vintage cutie canisters of my mom's - I know you guys love canisters.  My mom loved loved loved yellow. I probably won't end up  keeping them (WAH!), there's no room in my kitchen & they don't really go with it anyway, as much as I keep trying to figure out a way that they would. 

Our house is bursting at the seams with STUFF.  I'm at the "everything must go" point, I am so tired of going through boxes and the accompanying chaos of it all ... so bad for one's sanity. And goodness knows, I'm walking that fine line as it is hahahhahhaha.  And I don't want to pay for a storage space - that's like the never ending story ... once it enters, it's in for life. 

So I'm working on my "letting go" skills ... and not doing so well.  I keep opening boxes, determined that the contents will be off to Good Will and then I can't do it - keep thinking, OH! that's fun, I need to keep that.  and that. and that. 

Anyway ... so these may be up for grabs down the road on my Etsy or Ebay too ... if I have any sense at all ...


I am such an idiot - they were so dirty, I tried to wipe them off ... nothin' doin'!!!  So I put them in the sink and washed them.  They appeared hunky dory and much the better for it, until I noticed this one - I'm not sure if it wasn't like that when I started or not - I'm pretty sure that it's all my fault.  I am kicking myself to the moon and back.  They survived all these years and I get my hands on them for one moment and this happens.  sniffle sniffle SOB ...

  (1972 promotional booklet from Good Seasons)

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  1. Hey Sally,
    I went through the same thing. I had too much of my parents stuff and since we had just downsized I ended up selling some stuff on Craigs list and have some thing listed in Etsy. The canisters are really cute. You won't have any trouble selling them. The good news is the extra room you have at the end is so worth it. I still have to get rid of more stuff, it's kind of ongoing. Good luck with that!Haven't done much Geneology lately, but gearing up for my 90 year old Aunt to visit us next month. She's in super shape and is sharp as a tack. I'll be asking lots of questions.Have a good week!