Thursday, June 28, 2012

vintage typewriters

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This week I'm sharing my mom's typewriters for Vintage Thingie Thursday.  These got lots of use! My parents were self-employed and my mom did all the typing of letters and other miscellaneous business forms and correspondence on these for many many years, until they got an IBM Selectric.


  1. It's in great condition. The first typewriter I ever used was a manual. I got my fingers stuck in the keys all the time!

  2. Oh , I love old typewriters. I wish I had a black one. I do have a red toy one that I use for displays, but it doesn't work well. That's neat that your Mom used them. They are a very nice thing to have!

  3. I learned on a very old manual style back in the late 40's. I was so happy years later when I had a good job. They had an electric.

  4. Hi Sally,
    Lovely old type writer!
    Re the white candleholder - it's been repainted :) I have an antique red one from Sweden too. This one was a new production and in blue, which I liked... but I felt a creamy off white would be more perfect, so hubby spray painted it for me :)

  5. Hi Sally!
    What a wonderful old fashioned treasure! Your Mom must have had very strong hands to type away on this black beauty!
    These amazing machines are getting very difficult to find...You have a real keepsake, for sure!
    Thank you for your visits and kind comments to my blog! They always make my day1

  6. I love your vintage typewriters! Wonderful history! Great Pics!