Thursday, December 9, 2010

Waving Hello from the Holiday Workshop

(the very best oggie doggie in the old wide world, Xmas 1998)
We miss you so much Boo Boo!
(edited to add: I just noticed that I typed "old" wide world instead
of "whole" wide world bwahahahha - guess I was really feeling my
age that morning!)

I'm feeling a bit under the weather over here, hopefully it's just allergies. I started the week with a two day headache OUCHERS. And now I'm feeling positively overwhelmed with holiday prep today. Maybe it's because I feel poorly today coupled with all the things I need to get done. sniffle sniffle WAH!

Hoping you're all ahead of the game or if not, you're enjoying the hustle and bustle!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I'm really feeling behind this year too, and I haven't been sick, so no excuse for me. Hope you start feeling better and get over whatever it is quick!

  2. Hi Sally! It goes without saying that I am behind. I haven't wrapped, or addressed cards, or even finished shopping! EEEEK! I hope you feel better. Have a lazy, cozy day. xox