Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry almost Christmas Rednesday

(please visit Sue at It's A Very Cherry World for more Rednesday fun!)

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and much joy in 2011!

I'm sharing some favorite Christmas book reds this Rednesday with you and a smattering of Christmas decor - we haven't got much done over here this year BOO HOO!

Slipping in a green one, did you notice? ;)

Does anyone else have this gorgeous book?
It was recommended years ago in Victoria Magazine.

Time to trim the feather tree, beginning with the most charming ornaments from Stephanie at Old World Primitives (here).

I'm like Pooh these days, a bear of very little brain. Silly me! I forgot I needed a tree skirt for my little feather tree but there was no stopping me - when I'm ready to go, I'm ready to go! A square of felt stands in for the one I will have to whip up lickety split for our Christmas to be complete. A mad dash in the rain to Jo-Ann's yesterday for supplies.

Oh no! ACK! The hubs wanted his Star Trek ornaments on my feather tree.
What was he thinking teehee?! The wifey said he could put them on top
of the curio cabinet - I'm a terrible wifey, aren't I?!

A little Christmas flourish of green with some Poinsettia's on top of my other curio cabinet.
(You can see some of my teddy bears, miniatures, etc.)

The mantel has not come together yet ARGH! I will show you a peek if I can make it presentable.

Happy Rednesday and Merry almost Christmas!


  1. Hi S.A.M. love the kitten and santa with bodies ornaments. Still raining, last night was a downpour, no leaks in our old house which is good...I may venture out to Borders to look at mags, have a cup of coffee, just to get outta here a bit. cheers to you..Cynthia

  2. Hi Cynthia!
    Thank you - my photos are terrible, they are so precious in person.
    Yup, still raining in WLA too - it's started raining a bit harder in the past half hour. It's easy to get cabin fever and buggy in this rain. Wishing you lots of fun at the bookstore (they closed the Border's on Westwood Blvd. up here), just about my favorite thing to do, go to the bookstore!
    Happy almost Christmas!

  3. Hi Sally! Those are all my favorite illustrators! My husband loves Star Trek, too and we had the ornaments on our tree for many years. I haven't gotten my Halmark collection out the last few years because it got to be too big a job putting them all back in their boxes after Christmas. I love your cat and Santa ornaments. Have a happy day! Twyla

  4. Hi Twyla!
    I'm so glad you enjoyed the books too! And your husband loves Star Trek too - my husband will get a kick out of hearing that you let yours put the ornies on your tree (ooops! maybe I shouldn't tell him teehee!). I have BOXES of ornaments, too many I think these days - this year we're only having a little feather tree. Big sigh of relief, so much easier than a big tree, especially in the taking down department (where I fizzle out!!!).
    Thank you, I will tell Stephanie that everyone is loving her ornaments!
    I looked earlier at the USPS site and still no update - I wonder what those bums are up to?! So much for Priority Mail, huh? Oh well, still a few days yet. Please know you can open everything as soon as you get it. :)

    Merry merry Christmas to you!

  5. Oh Sally, is this ever the post for me! Oh my gosh your little feather tree is wonderful with the primitive ornaments! Your curio cabinet looks so old-fashioned with the light coming from behind your collections. Love it! Boyfriend ornaments! You have made my day! I too have looked high and low for the patterns as well, no luck yet! Mine also are over 30 years old (EAK!) and are so soft from wear. I'm afraid to put them on the tree! If ever I do come across the patterns, you will be the first I think of. By the way! You will receive a set of Christmas cards! I can't wait for you to see the rich color in person, you won't believe! It has been such another wonderful year knowing you and visiting your blog Sally. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year! Elizabeth e-mail address - elizabeth.andrus@yahoo.com

  6. Hi Elizabeth!
    OH!!! Jumping up and down and grinning from ear to ear over here, I'm so excited. Thank you thank you thank you, you are so sweet and such a kind and generous soul and I will love and cherish the cards so very much. Doing the happy dance. WOW!
    Thank you for your kind comments re my cabinet and tree, I'm still tweaking over here (ever the critic. WAH!)
    Merry merry Christmas to you and thank you again!
    P.S. If I come across the pattern, I will be sure and let you know too!

  7. Adore the sweet little feather tree, but your books are really drawing me in. I have a couple of the more recent vintage and anything illustrated by William Joyce is a treasure. I love the Joan Walsh Anglund books. I can remember those from when I was a girl, but we never had them. I love Star Trek, but they do not belong on that sweet little tree. I just realized I wasn't already a follower - can you imagine? I quickly rectified the situation and I'm on board!

  8. Cutest little feather tree..and the books...oh, my.
    Have a very Merry Christmas..

  9. HOHOH or Humbug, I'm not sure this year. We're both in the same boat it seems. I have the tree up...just nothing else, and that isn't usual for me...at all. Just this Dec. seems I'm running to Hopsital and Doc Appointments with Mom and Dad,,,tryin to keep up with everyone else's xmas decor at the flower shop...allergies...aaarrrgh is right.
    Love the books..they are my fav of illustrators
    My CarGuy is all about Nascar and cars with a smattering of Star Trek and other 60's collectibles. Lol...he has the shelves in the TV room and the Garage....he hangs the Craftsman Ornies and Car related ornies on the shekf brackets....is that terrible? Hey, I make sure they come out with the vintage tree ornies I don't make him put them in a seperate box. Oh well, Love your post. I gotta be goin..takin Mom and Dad to yet another Doc appointment. Type ya later.

  10. I love the feather tree & cute ornaments. The books are awesome--I need to pick up a few of them for my own collection. Merry Christmas!

  11. I have a small collection of Joan Walsh Anglund books, but no Christmas ones! Just another thing to add to my must have list. And I love your feather tree, Star Trek ornies and all!
    Merry Christmas and Happy REDnesday!

  12. I love the kitty ornament!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Rednesday!
    Hugs, Ann

  13. I love everything , but I always love the books you have ! That kitty is so cute !
    A very Merry Christmas ! =D

  14. Hi Sally,
    I can't believe I missed this post earlier - it is so fun to see your bags of ornaments I do believe I recognize :) and your feather tree all decorated here! And thank you so much for linking folks to my shop!