Thursday, December 23, 2010

My left eyebrow has been twitching ...

... for a week now! Um, a wee bit holiday stressed out over here, I guess. quivery quakey so much to get done and time is nearly up.

Does anyone know how long Priority Mail is taking currently from the West Coast to the Midwest???! I'm so sad - I sent those adorable Two Crazy Crafters a package last week - today is day eight - and it hasn't made it to them yet! WAH! Is that normal or has a postal employee absconded with it teehee?

Dear Mister or Ms Postal Carrier, if you have this in your hot little hands, please forward it post haste to darling Twyla and Lindsey in time for their Christmas surprise!

I jest, don't get your knickers in a twist, dear postal employees and relatives, thereof - I'm just so frustrated and sad for dear T&L - there's something scrumdillyumptious inside and I hope it survives taking the scenic Polar Route to their Home Sweet Home.


I'm working over time in the Christmas Tag Design Department and Assembly Line over here - and the pay stinks bwhahahhahhahaha! I'm holiday silly and happy today, or perhaps I'm loopy from exhaustion?! (I got up at four thirty yesterday morning, after having woken up at 3:45 and couldn't go back to sleep. mumble mumble.)

First up, I found these darling snowman sponges at The Container Store and I made not one, not two, but three tags for them - I know, call me crazy and obsessive. I had these vellum envelopes and I found I had a snowman punch (to seal the flap on the back of the envelope) - don't let anyone ever tell you that you have too much crafty stuff - I find it always comes in handy and more often than not, serendipitously!

Now I'm working on some tags to go with these darling bags from The Container Store, aren't they the cutest?! Every year I get Christmas Dish Towels from Crate and Barrel for everyone and this year, they are going into these bags (which are really meant for holiday cookies - but I'm a free spirit and color outside the lines and there are no cookies being made this year and and and I had to have them!)

Of course, the printer pooped out last night and cried to be fed a yellow cartridge ... thrusting we (me, myself and I), the Elves of Sally, even further off our crafty course. boo hoo sniffle sniffle holiday jolly again!

The truly funny thing is that I actually have almost nothing to wrap, as my list is very tiny, whittled down over the years from all of us getting older - it's all about magically foofing up what little there is - smoke and mirrors teehee.

Merry Merry Crafty Christmas to all the Elves out there!


  1. These are adorable tags-I always use wrapping paper scraps and my mother in law uses the fronts of old christmas cards-these are so much better!

  2. Those are so cute so much more than my store bought pile of tags that will last me for ever. Maybe next day they will disappear and I will see if I can be cleaver also. Thanks for stopping at my blog.

  3. Sally, I've been camped out at my mailbox for the past couple of days, just knowing your package would arrive that day, and I didn't have the heart to email you yesterday and tell you it didn't come then either. I have high hopes that it will arrive safely today! That is just so sweet of you. I will let you know if it comes today! Merry Christmas! Twyla

  4. Hi Sally,
    Your tags are just the cutest! The bags are too. I hope the postman hurries up for you... and wishing you a very Merry Crafty Christmas!