Monday, December 20, 2010

Three for the price of one

Wishing everyone a very happy Monday! Thank you all so much for your kind comments re my mom and brother, I appreciate them and you very much.

It's been raining in Los Angeles for what I think (???!) is several days (or does it just feel that way WHINE!) and they say it will probably rain through the Christmas weekend. You know us, we are used to living in a drought and haven't a clue what to do with ourselves in rain.

Deep breath. We gathered ourselves up and brave little soldiers are we, we donned our raincoats and drove across town to my husbands best friends annual Christmas party on Saturday night. The familiar faces are getting fewer as the years pass but they have been replaced by new smiling ones, so it's always a lovely time. One of my favorite attendees is a co-worker of my husbands BFF, who bakes cookies every year and brings them to the party. She has the magic touch, they are the best cookies I've ever had! She made her delivery and vanished into the crowd - next year I will attempt to find out what her secret is.

Sunday morning, we were going to go to the Long Beach Outdoor Antique Market but it was rained out BOO HOO!

But we had the most fun on Sunday afternoon - we went to a matinee of "Much Ado About Nothing", which on it's own would have been wonderful but guess what?!! Lyle Lovett was part of the cast! (WE LOVE HIM!) and also the brother and sister team of the group Nickle Creek. How cool is that?! Three great things for the price of one!

We've seen Lyle Lovett a few times in concert but it was so great to be in the fourth row and get to see him sing and play guitar (and also act, a little tiny bit). They had adapted the play to include songs (Lyle Lovett's along with another songwriters) and somewhere along the run of the play, Lyle Lovett joined the cast. The play began with Nickle Creek and two other musician's playing and singing songs - so much fun.

There were lots of recognizable actors in the cast - Helen Hunt, Tom Irwin, David Ogden Stiers, Grace Gummer (Meryl Streep's daughter). A very enjoyable afternoon!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too!


  1. man this play looks hot!!! I love Lyle Lovett and Nickle Crew. gotta talk mr. Beatnheart to go to this.... raining still ....hard!!

  2. Hi Cynthia! Coming over to your blog to say howdy! :)

  3. Hi Sally - the play looks like so much fun! I hope you don't float away! Merry, merry! xox Pam

  4. Hi Pammie!
    Your ears must be burning - I just sent you an email and just finished commenting on your blog. Oh boy, I hope not too, floating away is looking like a real possibility - we have a small lake in the backyard. We were puddle jumping this morning at the market and Jo-Ann's (a holiday doodad was required!). My hair is about a block wide - oh the curse of curly hair.
    Hope you're feeling better! Happy happy Monday!
    Sally xoxoxo

  5. Sally,
    You are making the best out of the rain, I'd say! How fab, sounds like so much fun and what a nice surprise, to fine Lyle involved!
    enJOY the season and Happy Monday~

  6. Sally. Hope the rain stops soon-we're all watching on the news. Much Ado sounds great. Glad you got out. Have a Merry Christmas!!

  7. Merry, Merry Christmas dear bloggy friend..what fun you are having and how funny...I just saw Lyle Lovett on the Leno show talking about this (he was a hoot) and voila, you saw the darn thing...How great. Stay dry and warm this Christmastime and New Years blessings to you and your hubby!

  8. Hi Ellie!
    I'm so sorry, I am so behind with my blog visits! Coming over to visit you now! :)

  9. Hi Leslie!
    Should I just say ditto?! Coming over to visit you now too! :)

  10. Hi Jenny!
    Yup, ditto it is! Going to go make some cocoa and come visit you!