Monday, December 6, 2010

Getting holiday cozy this Monday

Well, knowing me as you do teehee, you'll have figured out that I'm running behind on my holiday decorating over here. I just received the best, most delightful and inspiring kick start to the holidays though!

Twyla and Lindsey, the crafty mother daughter duo of Two Crazy Crafters, are the absolute sweetest and bestest of pairs. During their Sugar Kissed Christmas celebration they are counting down to Christmas and sharing the sweetest of holiday decor and tutorials with us.

And guess what?! Drum roll ... I won the Two Crazy Crafters A Sugar Kissed Christmas Giveaway. ME! I'm tickled (holiday) pink over here and jumping up and down with glee.

On Saturday, we went shopping for our Christmas cards and when we came home, there was a big box on the porch for me. OHHH!!! So exciting.

I received the most charming of holiday afghans, handmade by Twyla, which you can see pictured above. Now I'm all ready to cozy up with it and a cup of peppermint cocoa and make my holiday plans.

Thank you thank you thank you Twyla and Lindsey!

Please visit dear Twyla and Lindsey here for a Sugar Kissed Christmas and scroll down to enjoy every drop or start at the beginning ... Sugar Kissed Christmas began on November 26th, here.

Now that I'm off to a good start, I thought I might extend a helping hand of Christmas links and inspiration if you're a slow poke and need help like me.

Wonderful paper artists Michelle Wooderson and Melissa Phillips have created "Melissa's and Mishie's 12 Days of Christmas", a joint countdown to the holidays on their blogs.
Melissa Phillip's blog, "LilyBean Paperie".
Michelle Wooderson's blog, Mish Mash.

The Ultimate Handmade Holidays Master List 2010 from Sew Mama Sew. Wow!

Always charming, The Long Thread has many holiday links and ideas posted.
The Long Thread.

Online Holiday Zines

Inspired Ideas, the Christmas issue

Gifted, from Creature Comforts, holiday issue

Sweet Paul, holiday issue


  1. Sally, I just couldn't be happier that you won the afghan! Your picture of it looks so pretty. I hope it cheers you and warms you and when you wrap it around yourself, consider it a great big hug from me! Have a happy day! Twyla

  2. You Lucky! I shouldn't say it, but I'm jealous. Good for you. And what a nice start to your decorating!Enjoy your new things!

  3. Twyla and Lindsey, that afghan is gorgeous. What a beautiful gift of comfort to receive, congrats Sally. and thank you for sharing the crafty sites and ideas, as always. Enjoy your peppermint cocoa!

  4. I see your photo with you? reading The Lovely Bones. Have I asked you about this book? Is it super sad? I have put off reading it because 1.) I have a daughter and 2.) I can't stand thinking about that fate befalling anyone.