Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Playing catch up

My husbands busy supervising the moving of his mom today and I'm trying to catch up on things around here - hubby has been off for about a week and a half and has another week and a half of vacation yet. Things have been high stress with the holidays and now his mom's move, hopefully it will be relaxing from here on out.

We've had lots of yummy food and good company with friends and family, saw The Nutcracker and two movies; "The Illusionist" (a French animated film from the same man who did the divine "Triplets of Belleville" and based on a Jacques Tati screenplay) and "True Grit" (loved it! who'd have ever thunk that?! But then it's the Coen Brothers and I think I've loved everything they've done?!). We've yet to figure out what our New Year's Eve plans will be. WAH!

(little gingerbread peeps I made for T&L)

I'm glad to report that the USPS managed to deliver Twyla and Lindsey's package to them on Christmas Eve. WHEW! Thought for sure it had gone astray.

Doing the happy dance over here! Lucky me, I received the most darling package of Christmas card cuties from dear Elizabeth during one her giveaways and on Christmas Eve, so much fun! Thank you so much Elizabeth, they are indeed the most special and I will cherish them for always!

Looking forward to catching up with all of you and hearing about your holidays! Wishing you the most fun New Year's Eve and much happiness in 2011 if I don't get another chance to do so before hand.


  1. Sally!!! those cards are darlin'..Yes, I was too busy this year,again...yet thankfully less like a chicken with its head cut off more spazzy and forgetful and then "oh, well, the world will still go on" about it all. Awwww, you saw the Nutcracker...I first saw the best production of the 4 I have ever seen when I was 12. I was invited by a sweet and fancy friend, had a fancy meal before, fell in love with the Nutcracker magic and music, at intermission had my first ever Shirley Temple, and dreamed of sugar plums all the way home...and I have never topped that experience (some really bad productions with flat delivery have scared me from putting up money for more tickets) and yet I want the girls to get a taste of that magic of story, music and movement someday...How did you like it? And! this Friday, a date night, FINALLY and we are going to see True Grit (It was filmed about an hour away from here)can't wait...Love to you this New Years!

  2. You have great pictures on your blog. The sewing things are so (sew) nice.

    Thanks for visiting me too.