Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dear Santa Vintage Thingie Thursday

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My brother and my mother one long ago Christmas - somewhere before
I was born, I think perhaps about a year, maybe two, before I was born?

I find I've really got the "sads" this holiday season - I'm missing my brother and mother so very much this year and I found myself looking through a box of my brothers stuff today. My brother passed away in '95 and my mom in '96 and yet this year, many years later, I feel rocked by the loss so intensely.

I was so gladdened to find this old Christmas photo of the two of them. It holds so many childhood memories for me, even though I wasn't in the picture yet (literally and figuratively!).

I don't know if you can make out the Santa decoration over my brothers shoulder? It was already old when I arrived on the scene (it must be from the forties?) - Santa holds a glass candle, inside there was this red liquid that would bubble when it got warm/hot. It was one of my favorite things at Christmastime as a small child ... later on my mother would worry that it was no longer safe and a fire hazard and I would not see it again WAH! I'm hoping that I can find it at my dad's house.

I'm cracking up over the funny tree! Geez - look at the big gap in the middle, so funny. I just saw an old Martha Stewart Home episode and she said that a gap is called an Elf Shelf - wonder what MS would call this cavernous example?!

Above the light switch is an iron candle sconce in the Pennsylvania Dutch style, that I remember well. And the little child's table my mom and brother are sitting at is one that I sat at on our front lawn, selling lemonade to passers by.

I also found this darling letter to Santa written by my brother.

("stace" kit = space kit???)

Dear Santa
I want a Bike. and
a kick ball. and
some Superman
P.J. and some
Army men. and
a Stace Kit. and a
mister wisard
chemical set

And then these charming old Christmas cards my brother received ...

(from 1946 - for his first Christmas)

(from 1947)

(from 1949)

(from 1951)


  1. I enjoyed seeing all the cute little cards you shared. Sorry, this time of the year brings back sad times. They would not want you to be sad, think of them and the good times you shared. May you find joy and peace in the New Year.

  2. I loved this post. I think it's so nice that you still have these treasures to go along with your wonderful memories. I didn't notice the gap in the tree at first...we had trees like that also, but tried to cover it up with tons of tinsel. Your brother's letter to Santa is priceless.
    Have a safe and happy holiday.

  3. This is a wonderful post of memories-I hope that in the coming week you can enjoy them and all the memories they hold!

  4. That letter is great! The cards are cute too.

  5. Sally - I know this must be a very hard time of year for you. I can't imagine losing my brother and my mom so close together. No wonder you have a hard time with it. I'm glad you have all these lovely cards and photos to bring back some good memories. Love & hugs to you - xox!

  6. You have such precious memories. I love your post, the pics, the letter to Santa. They all remind me of my childhood. I understand the blues and send hugs and prayers.

  7. Oh, your post was great. I always feel this way around the holidays, grieving for those gone from here and missing them so much. Hugs to you, I know how you feel. Happy VTT!

  8. so adorable...that letter to Santa. How llucky you are to have them. I wish I had something like that. I remember those bubble lights from my Grandma’s house. You know that they make them again. I light restoration hardware sells them. I get sad during christmas too. I have no family here, my husband has no family here, we don’t have children, so for me its a bit lonely. I love my brother too.

  9. Sally, I am so sorry you have the blues this Christmas. Missing our loved ones at this time of year is so bittersweet. I'm so glad you have the memories and that you shared them with us. Twyla

  10. First I want to tell you I absolutley love your header , that old picture is fabulous. An old family photo i'm sure?

    Also we are all missing our Mom's and Grandma's this year I have read so many blogs where they are going through the same thing and that makes me feel better. I thought i was the only one who couldn't let the pain go.I just cry right alone with them.
    I am remembering my Grandma by showing some of her old Christmas pins.


  11. I know what it is like to feel sad during the holidays when we think of our loved ones who have gone on before us. They are having Christmas with Jesus.
    I love the old vintage cards.

  12. Here's a hug Sally. This season can certainly be a magical and melancholy time. I really like the photo of your Mother and brother. Thanks for filling us in on the behind the scenes and getting to know you a little better. Much love, and Christmas blessings, Jenny

  13. Thank you for sharing these wonderful treasures with us, it is so sweet that you still have that letter. My dad died in '05 and I found myself missing him more than usual on my birthday last week; I guess it just hits when it hits. Sending you a hug.

  14. Dear Sally, I just know that we miss our passed loved ones more as we age to prepare our way to reunite with them. When the longing to see them is greater than to stay where we are, the journey is joyous. This is my kind of tree! I'm the only one I know who goes looking for a tree with an elf shelf! What a sweet post! Thank you so much for sharing. Elizabeth

  15. Sally,
    What a great tribute to your Mom and your Brother. I miss my Mom alot this time of year too. It doesn't matter how many years ago it was-sometimes it just hits you. I love that you have your brother's cards and that picture is absolutely priceless! Merry merry CHristmas to you, my friend!