Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday blog love

(Here I am sitting on Santa's knee back in the prehistoric days!)

I keep finding more bloggers that are sharing wonderful holiday ideas and tutorials. Here are some of them. Enjoy!

Edited to add (there's always more on this bottomless pit of the internet, isn't there teehee?!)
A Swap For All Seasons, oh boy! does that swap look like FUN! Be inspired.
Sweet Tidings, Tutorials and Inspiration

A Beautiful Mess, 12 Days of Handmade
Ali Edwards, December Daily
Allsorts, Inspiration and tutorials
Betz White, Holiday Hints
BlogHer, 12 Days of Holiday Cookies
Bluebird Papercrafts, Inspiration and Tutorials
Cream Puffs In Venice, 12 Days of Cookbooks
Creative Chaos, Inspiration
Creative Kismet, Inspiration
Fave Crafts Blog, 25 Days of Christmas
Full of Bliss, Inspiration
Happy Zombie, 5 or so Days of Holiday Happy
Imaginisce, 12 Days of Christmas
Joli Paquet, Christmas Tutorials
Lisa Vollrath, 5th Annual Countdown to Christmas
LOL Foodie, 12 Days of Christmas Recipes
Maya Made, Green Handmade Holiday Round Up
Melissa Goodsell, Handmade Christmas
Michelle Last, 12 Days of Christmas
My Danish Kitchen, 12 Days of Christmas
Passionately Artistic, 12 Days of Christmas
Pink Paislee, 12 Days of Christmas
Teresa Collins, 25 Days Countdown to Christmas
Tim Holtz, 12 Days of Tags
What Megan's Making, 12 Days of Christmas Treats
Where Women Create, Twelve Days of Christmas
Whipperberry, 12 Days of Christmas


  1. Love that pic of you and Santa, soooo sweet! And what a great list, definitely going to be checking them out. How in the world will I ever get anything done! :)

  2. Sally, I love that picture-you look like you're not too sure about the whole situation! Anyway, I'll dig out the Santa pillow pattern and let you know what it is. May take a little while-I'm not very organized about certain things-oh I mean most things.

  3. Just imagine popping over to find such a treasure trove of new places to peek at. I need to make it back around here more often. My fault completely. I have missed you and need to see what's going on with my Roll,

  4. HO HO HO! And no, I am not all caught up and sipping a lovely cup of cocoa. I am running around like a chicken sans head, while at the same time I have a cold, and so I am bumping into walls mostly! But hopefully, I will get organized this week and start wrapping gifts. I hope you get some restful time, watching the lights twinkle! xox

  5. Hi Nan!
    Thank you! Wishing you lots of fun looking at the links. I have surrendered and given up - I just don't seem to have any ooomph this holiday season. WAH! Hoping to get my feather tree up tomorrow and do the mantle but I think I'll forego making any gifts because I'm driving myself nuts and feel so stressed about it. ay yi yi. I'm sure you're way ahead of me - you have such lovely things, I'll look forward to catching up with you!

  6. Hi Leslie!
    Thank you - I was kind of thinking though, is it just me or does Santa look a bit creepy?! He sure has a close hold on me - I think that's the source of my perplexed expression. He may be a Santa child masher! YIPES! bwahahhahaha
    Thank you, that's so sweet of you to look for the pattern - absolutely no hurry at all, at the rate I'm going, it will be 2020 before I get anything done. ;)
    Happy Monday!

  7. Hi Pammie!
    I'm so sorry to hear you're not all caught up - please feel free to join in A SLOTHFUL SALLY CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA this year, all lazy bones welcome! I have decided I'm not making any cards (well, I will make one for a lovely woman I met years ago in Cambria at a rubber stamp store who I have been exchanging handmade xmas cards with ever since) and probably will even curtail my love of whoopdidoo wrapping this year. I CAN'T COPE for some reason this year. WAH! Oh well. I'm sure I'm not alone. And who knows, Christmas Eve may just find me crafting away like the nut head that I am, if I've eaten enough See's candy. ;)
    Happy Monday!
    Sally xoxoxo

  8. Hi Kate!!!
    Long time no peep from your end of the internet, it's so nice to see you! And I'm so sorry I only just found your message - gmail does this weird thing with my comments, half the time they attach new comments to old comments and I miss them for the longest time. I need to remember to always check my comment moderation page as well. Doh!
    I have missed you and thought you didn't wuv me anymore boo hoo! I have peeked in on you and your lovely blog and wondered if I made a faux pas? It warms my silly little heart to hear I've been missed, thank you! I'll hope to see more of you and I will speak up now when I visit. :)

    Happy happy Holidays!

  9. Beautiful pages of illustrations to see!