Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thank you Elizabeth!

Oh my! What an amazing and wonderful place the internet is!

Darling Elizabeth of Creative Breathing, sent me the most charming little Blue Bird (along with her beloved furry best friend!) because she was inspired by my post about being a Blue Bird. Can you imagine??? Something I did was inspiring?! Wow!

My Blue Bird post.
Elizabeth's post about my Blue Bird post.
Elizabeth's blog, Creative Breathing.

It doesn't stop there either.

And, Elizabeth also made the most charming tag to go with my dollie and doggie, that includes some of the photos from my post.

I'm going to name her Debbie, after my best childhood friend. Little did Elizabeth know that Debbie had a white poodle when we were little named Tiggy, so Debbie and Tiggy they will be.

This is just the dearest gift and the cutest thing ever. Thank you Elizabeth for such a charming reminder of my youth and for your friendship and kindness in thinking of me!


  1. Just stopping by to say hello to my fellow Blue Bird and pal. :)) xox! Pam

  2. Awww. She what you both did....made this bloggy world a better sweeter, craftier place. Thank you Sally for sharing and Debbie you are very talented and kind indeed.

  3. Hi Pam!
    I'm so glad to hear your Mom is home!
    WAH! Do you know why I keep getting spam comments all the time??? Is there something I need to do?
    Oh! You said you're growing tomatoes didn't you? Do you know what's up with mine? (photos above) I'm so sad.
    Happy Monday!
    Sally xoxoxo

  4. Hi Jenny!
    You're a big sweetie! I will say thank you for both Elizabeth and I! Elizabeth is the queen of craftiness, me, I'm just a putterer and occasional crafter.
    Happy Monday!

  5. Duh, I meant Elizabeth and also meant "See" instead of "She"...yikes, yep sometimes I am a dork. I do think you are plenty crafty. Happy Tuesday to you!