Monday, June 14, 2010

Calling all tomato growers & Monday Blog Love

ACK! sniffle sniffle SOB!

We planted six tomato plants in pots and they have been thriving and looking gorgeous, and lo and behold, little tiny fruit has begun to appear.

But now, three of the six are looking poorly. WAH! They have some yellowing and blackening leaves and also curling of leaves.

Do you know what's wrong with my precious tomatoes??? I'm a brand new tomato mommy and I'm so sad and lost.

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  1. Eeek! I don't know! I'm assuming they are well-watered, so something might be eating them. Here is a website that might help:

    xox Pam

  2. That one might be too hard to diagnose. Here's another Q&A list:

    and someone asked the question on here:;f=68;t=002591;p=0

  3. Hi Pam!
    You are the bestest pal a gal could have. :) Thank you so much for the links!!! Oh my gosh, I'm so confused. I will have to look harder tomorrow and see what can be seen.
    From what I read it could be ... too much water ... too little water ... too much sun ... not enough sun ... inconsistent watering ... inconsistent sunlight ... and of course viruses and bugs. ACK!
    I didn't want to have to be a scientist to grow veggies. I may not be cut out for this and I so wanted to have a veggie garden. WAH!!!
    Sad Sack Sally signing off for the night ...

  4. Sally! LOL! Water them a little, and spritz them for bugs (you can find some earthfriendly sprays out there). Tomatoes are very hardy plants. Believe me, if I can grow them, you can! :) xox! Pam

  5. Hi Sally,
    Welcome to tomato mommydom! :D Are you growing them in pots? If so, what size and material are the pots made of? If they are potted, the pots might be too small.

    If they are planted in the ground, I can share from experience that heirloom varieties of tomato plants do much better for me than hybrids. I grow only organic heirloom tomato plants at this point in time, but I do have some "volunteer" plants growing on top of my old compost site (the seeds are from various supermarket bought tomatoes), and they are not doing nearly as well as my heirlooms. The "volunteers" are also in a shadier spot, but yet have been wilting easier and requiring more frequent watering.

    Back to working on your doggie...

  6. Hi Pam!
    It's probably my fault, I'm heavy handed when it comes to watering. I used to kill all of the house plants. Now that hubby waters them (read that as "seldom" waters them - I think it verges on plant abuse myself bwahahhahahaha) they not only survive but do beautifully.
    Thanks for the vote of confidence but no no no - you've got it all wrong - the saying is "if anyone can kill them, Sally can!" ;)
    Happy Tuesday!
    Sally xooxox

  7. Hi Stephanie!
    I just sent you an email - thank you so very much, you are the fastest of the fast!!!

    Thanks so much for all of the tomato help - I soooo need it!

    We're growing them in ginormous plastic pots and the nursery told us what size we should use, so I think that part is okay (although they do seem too big for the pots to me).

    We bought six tomato plants at "Tomato Mania" this year - I think at least four of the six are heirloom varieties. I LOVE heirloom tomatoes.

    That's kind of fun that you have volunteer plants - were you hoping they'd grow or was it a surprise? (I used to love how my nasturtiums and johnny jump ups would reseed and show up in different places in the yard - or cracks in the pavement!)

    I'll check back in with you on Thursday, thank you again so much!

    Happy Tuesday and Open House!

  8. Tomato AND pizza dough problems-- poor girl! We have some tomato issues over here too but I would be no help. Good luck tho!

  9. Hi Sally,
    Hmmm... well... the only other thing I can think of other than wildcards like too much or too little water or sun are that the plants are in plastic pots. Maybe terra cotta pots would work better? It's really hard to say though - I hope your tomatoes are feeling more perky soon.

    I was surprised by all of my volunteer tomato plants this year - there are also volunteer peppers, cucumbers, cilantro and dill growing with them as well! The spot where my compost bin used to be is completely covered with plants and herbs now.

    I will send you an Etsy convo tomorrow when your listing is up..

  10. Hi Lori!
    I know! I'm a sad sack over here. Boo hoo. How stinkin hard can pizza dough be???! It's all about that darn yeast today - I guess it had lost some of it's pep. Don't know what happened yesterday?! sheesh.
    Thanks for commiserating with me and I hope your tomaters are okay!
    Loved your manifesto!

  11. Hi Stephanie!
    I've decided to keep my hands off of them - I'm thinking it's because I over watered them one day (after my husband is so skimpy with the water). We had a bit of a heat wave and I thought they needed more water.
    I know, I hate plastic pots but we needed such HUGE ones that ceramic were really pricey (!) at that size for six of them and also we wouldn't have been able to move them, they'd be so heavy.
    WAH! I sure hope we get some tomatoes, regardless of how the foliage looks. Please please please.
    That's too cute, love all the unexpected plants you've got!
    I will watch for your email tomorrow. Thanks again!