Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fourth of July Crafts Part Deux

Oh my gosh, we were just watching the documentary "Gasland", have you seen it??? So very unsettling and upsetting! I had no idea the amount of drilling for natural gas that has gone on across our country and the consequences of it. SCARY!

I'm so sorry, I can't seem to get it together to participate in Rednesday and Vintage Thingie Thursday this week (with hubby off for summer vacation). I will peek in, I couldn't not peek in teehee! And I'll hope to rejoin you guys soon.

Right now hubby is napping (nothing like reading a good book and dozing off, dreamily, huh?!) and I'm trying to think up an idea for my Fourth of July cards ... I know, I know, ever the procrastinator!

Fourth of July Crafts found via Whip Up

Fourth of July Garland

Fourth of July Garland from maggie makes

Stars and Stripes Wreath

Stars and Stripes Wreath from Alisa Burke

Liberty Pinwheel Brooch

Liberty Pinwheel Brooch from Betz White


  1. How fun; thanks for sharing these are fab!!!
    I hope you get a chance to decorate!
    I am making my list and getting ready to go shop today; I probably won't get everything, but the bulk of it.
    I then want to make a few things this evening~

  2. Hi Ellie!
    So glad you enjoyed everything, I thought they were a fun assortment. I've been sitting here drooling over TasteSpotting and I really need to get up off of my rump and go out to the garage and find our 4th of July stuff.
    Happy creating for the 4th!