Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Friday!

A soft scrambled egg with a little white cheddar, on top of spinach,
some salsa verde and half an "everything" bagel. Nummers!

One of my favorite blogs is "simply breakfast" so this is my little iPhone homage to it. Shoot! I forgot to include my smoothie! What's for breakie at your house this morning? (ooops! just looked at the clock - some of you have moved on to lunch already - hope it's yummy!)

I'm off now, I've got a hot date with the vacuum, the mop and a dust rag.

Happy Friday to everyone!


  1. I want that breakfast! Actually, this morning I made two eggs with toast. :) Have a great weekend, and I, too have a date with housework!
    Woo hoo!! xox Pam

  2. Hi Pam!
    You're welcome for breakfast anytime! :)
    I got three rooms done + laundry, cheated and answered some posts, had lunch, did paperwork and have now officially pooped out from "have-to-do's"!!! Enough, she cries! ;)
    How's your mommie? I hope she's feeling back in the pink very soon.
    Wishing you a less stressful weekend and throwing in lots of fun!
    Sally xoxooxo

  3. Yums, yummy. That looks like a perfect breakfast to me. thanks for sharing and making me want to have breakfast right after I have had dinner. hmm. Have a beautiful weekend Sally dear.

  4. Hi Jenny!
    Whoops! Oh no, didn't mean to induce breakie cravings after dinner - hope you were able to forestall it until this morning. Speaking of which I hear a donut calling my name right now. Alas, there aren't any. :(
    Off to get my weekend started ...
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Sally xoxoxo

  5. I am not an egg person and I thought it looked good! I usually have a piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and coffee. I like to have breakfast for dinner~
    How did the hot date, go?!

  6. Hi Ellie!
    I wasn't an egg person either for many years but for some reason, that changed. Don't know why??? Most mornings now I have a whole wheat muffin with peanut butter and a smoothie - but for years, all I ever ate was a piece of sourdough bread with a cup of tea. Pretty austere.
    The hot date was disappointing. ;)
    Happy week to you!