Wednesday, April 14, 2010


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Sheesh, I think my powers of observation must be nonexistent. How did I manage to miss Rednesday with all the blog hopping I have been doing for years?! Boggles the mind. Anyway, I finally noticed it today on Leslie's blog, Brookhollow Lane. Leslie references the blog, It's A Very Cherry World as the originator of all this fun.

(Not sure if this was my grandmother's or grandfather's souvenir from a 1913 dance? By the way this is not the lyrics to Row Row Row Your Boat - I'd never heard this before, too funny. )

(My mothers WWII ration cookbook from Swans Down Flour, published in 1942)

(My grandfather was in the Navy during WWI and spent time in France, this is one of the postcard booklets he purchased.)

(Matchbook from WWI, saved by my grandfather.)

(I found this darling - and unsigned - "mechanical" Christmas card in my mother's things. I'm not sure what year it's from??? Her scrapbook it was in had mostly things from the late 40's. I'm guessing she must have bought it for my brother to give my dad???)

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