Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I love my iPad Tuesday

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Waving hello to Valerie and Ellie - I'm wearing a big smile this morning after seeing you on my followers list. Thank you, that's so sweet of you!

Valerie (tempting me and inspiring me with the most divine desserts!) and Ellie (inspiring me with her creativity and heartfelt posts!) have lovely blogs to linger over.

You may visit Valerie at Une Gamine dans la Cuisine
You may visit Ellie at Ella's Edge

Little secret ... today is actually Wednesday when I'm posting this on my blog ... I was supposed to post this on Tuesday but I couldn't access our "Alice" that my husband bought on iTunes. ay yi yi, I can never remember our password. piffle paffle WAH! So today I found a snippet on You Tube of it. Okay, I do agree with the commenter that the poster of the video's version is like a children's book on crack. Lordy! Hold tight!

I am loving the iPad ... hubs, not so much. He's cranky because the signal isn't strong enough he says. Being a techno know-nothing, I don't notice a thing. It gets me where I want to go, in an instant and it's beautiful. I will truly go into mourning if he decides to return it. (I think he's suffering from buyers remorse, aren't you darling?)


  1. I'm waving back!!! Wow, this is super; I'm blown away...it is so beautiful and addictive. I just showed my daughter she is 14, her words
    that is awesome! It is...I want one, now! I always talk myself out of stuff, but after seeing this, not so easy to do. Spectacular!!!

  2. Hi Ellie!
    Hurray for tax refunds! :) It's so much fun. Really a nifty thing. Do you have an Apple store nearby? (they also sell them at Best Buy, I think?) whisper whisper I know that's very dangerous for the pocket book but you can leave the checkbook at home and just sit there and play with all their goodies and not spend a cent teehee!