Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday blog love & fuzzy brain giveaway

Helloooooooooo! Hubby returned to work today after his two week spring break. He's begun PT - sadly his knee is hurting more. Seems to me when I had my frozen shoulder that it hurt more when I began PT too. OUCHERS!

Gosh, I've missed you all! I have been peeking in of course but not had the time to really read what you've been up to. I look forward to catching up.

OH! I'm having a little giveaway. I bought two of the same magazine (15 smackers X two = dumb dodo head!) - my middle aged memory loss is your gain bwhahahhahhaha!

So ... I am gifting to you my extra copy of the current issue of "Where Women Create" ... you may already have it??? Gosh, I hope someone wants it! Stampington publishes the most wonderful of magazines. If you're not familiar with this series, it's jam packed with yummy photos and stories of well known artists divine creative work spaces and their artistic process.

Let's see I've never done this before ... hmmmm ... so to enter you must have an "active" blog - in other words, you must have posted entries on your blog, not just a blog address used to enter giveaways, okie dokie?

whisper whisper I am hoping to lure out some of you lurkers to come and say hello - wouldn't that be fun to meet new friends?!

Please post a hello on this thread and I will pick a winner next Monday morning, April 19th, say at 9 am, PST and announce it here.

On to Monday blog love ...

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  1. I don't have that magazine! I would LOVE to enter your giveaway. I have a slight, very small, addiction to Stampington magazines. They are lovely little escapes, aren't they? Happy to see you back, sorry the hub has to have PT. Ouchie. xox Pam

  2. Hi Pammie!
    Something is weird with my blog - one minute it said I had one comment on this thread and now it says I have zero comments on this thread. And yet there you are ... so weird.
    Thank you thank you thank you for entering my little giveaway ... I was fretting no one would, being Miss Invisible and all. But you rescued me from oblivion teehee - thank you!
    Isn't Stampington wonderful?! Can't get enough of their magazines.
    Gosh your new stuffies are so great, you've been a busy girl!
    Happy Monday and happy sewing!

  3. I agree with Pam, I am addicted to Stampington mags too and no , I don't have this issue so count me in! Sorry the hubby has to have PT but it'll be worth it!

    Have a great week!

  4. Hi Lori!
    Looks like you and Pam will have to wrestle for the magazine teehee. We must form a Besotted with Stampington group. (Course some of us ahem, YOU, have been published within their covers, you lucky and talented girlie!)
    Happy week to you!
    (something is very wrong with the comment counter on my blog - wonder why that is???! ARGH)

  5. What a nice giveaway. I already have this issue so there's no need to put my name in the hat. I'm sure that whoever wins this issue will love all the cool decor and inspiration. Have a happy week!

  6. Hi Becky!
    I was 99% sure you'd have the issue but wanted to let you know on the off chance you didn't. Can't wait to see more of your wonderful work on their pages!
    Happy week to you,

  7. Going to have to look for this one right away. Looks like too much fun to pass up on. As always it's nice to have the hubbie back to work and us back to our freedom.... Thanks for stopping by my garden and saying Hi. It's always nice to see and HEAR from you.

    Monday Afternoon Hugs,
    Kate - The Garden Bell

  8. Sally, I am enjoying My Mother's Pearls and it's so funny, I just discovered Once in a Pink Moon last night! Where Women Create is my favorite magazine and Lindsey bought me a subscription for Christmas so I already have this issue. Whoever wins it is really going to enjoy it! So sweet of you to give one away. Have a nice week! Twyla

  9. Hi Kate!
    I'd be happy to add your name to the giveaway - you don't have to go shopping - unless you want to be like me and end up with possibly TWO of the same issue. ;)
    Too funny - I think we were both overjoyed when it was time for hubs to go back to work.
    Happy week to you!

  10. Hi Twyla!
    Too funny, we are synchronized in our blog hopping! So glad you're enjoying My Mother's Pearls.
    I thought the chances were high that you guys would probably already have the magazine but I wanted to let you know on the off chance - they're such beautiful publications, aren't they?!
    Happy week to you,

  11. Hello Sally,
    I would love a chance to win this issue! I usually find it at Lowe's, but not lately....
    So,generous of you, to share! I will visit again, soon!

  12. Hi Ellie!
    Thank you so much for stopping by. I will add you to the hat! :)
    Happy week to you!

  13. Hi Sally Annie Magundy!! Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment...Dang nation I already bought that mag...and yes almost a major investment...It was Belle Amoire that introduced me to blogging just 3 months ago...So you are in WLA...Do you go to the Airport Flea Market..i bettcha you please keep in touch...we can meet for lunch sometime..

  14. Hi Beatnheart! :)
    Will do, that would be so much fun!
    I've only been to the Airport Flea Market once and it's just a couple of minutes from me ... would love to hang out there but times are tough WAH!!!
    Happy Tuesday!

  15. Hi Sally! :)
    I am trying to catch up on my blog visits this week as well now that my two week semi-hiatus while hosting my MIL here has ended. I hope that your hubby is feeling better soon! And I would absolutely love to enter your giveaway - I haven't gotten a chance to pick up that issue of Where Women Create yet, and I *know* it must be good if you bought it twice! ;)

  16. Hi Stephanie! :)
    I think that's so wonderful that your MIL was able to come visit. (I can't get over that you squeezed my bunnies in while getting ready for her visit, you are a big sweetie!)
    Absolutely, I will enter in you my fuzzy brain ;) giveaway!
    Happy week to you,

  17. Hi Sally! I am so very sorry I missed your comment. I am blaming allergies and my sagging brain power. xoxoxox Pam

  18. Hi Pam!

    You're a very naughty bad bad girl.

    bwahahhahahhahahaha I forgive you - I'm having the worst allergies EVAH! I even heard them say on the news that it's the worst year ... well one of the worst teehee.

    Wishing you lots of fun with your new loot!

    Sally xooxoxoxo

  19. Hi Sally,
    Thanks for checking out my new Blog Brookhollow Lane. Yes, we were in the Heart garland group for Elizabeth. Nice to meet you again.I love your banner-so cool. Are they relatives? I'm new into geneology and love vintage pic's.

  20. Hi Leslie!
    You're very welcome, I enjoyed my visit very much. :) Wishing you lots of fun with your blog!
    Wasn't Elizabeth's garland group great? I enjoyed myself so much. It was so exciting to see all the different hearts and imagine Elizabeth receiving them.
    Thank you - yes, the banner sure is of my relatives. The little girl in the center is my mother. :)

  21. Hi Leslie again!
    Whoops! I thought I'd better ask and see if you'd like to be included in my giveaway?
    I'll come over to your blog and ask. :)

  22. Hi Sally, I'd love to be included in your givaway. I love that book-Where Women Create. I love your new post with the vintage ration coupon and other vintage pic's. Thanks for mentioning me on your blog. I need to figure out how to do that. I'm a total computer idiot.
    Thanks. Leslie

  23. Hi Leslie!

    You're very welcome for the mention. Linking is very easy (because even I can do it!), feel free to ask any questions you might have. I need to change my blog, foof it up a bit but I can't decide what I want (or how to do it!), so it just stays the same. Woe is me.

    Absolutely, I will add your name to the hat. :)

    Happy Thursday!