Thursday, April 8, 2010

every which way

Hellllooooooooo! Just running in and out to say hello. Hope this finds you all well and happy.

Yesterday was a very weird every which way Wednesday! We drove out to the valley for some errands and for some reason everything was whackadoo ... stores not opening until one o'clock on Wednesday's, our favorite restaurant deciding not to open for lunch this week, the winds were blowing so hard at the outdoor patio where we ended up eating that I think I ate more of my coif than my veggie burger and lastly, the computer company that fixed something for us was not used to people actually coming to them and picking up their stuff (sheesh, what a concept, huh?!), that they were kind of at a loss as to how to charge us for the repair. I guess the Accounts Payable person wasn't in. Ay yi yi. And of course the traffic was insane.

Our new mantra is "never leave the house" bwhahahhahahhahaha.

The good news is hubby's dad is fine ... turned out to be a low blood pressure episode and now he's home. They aren't doing anything currently about the blockage in his neck, which kind of freaks me out but what do I know.

The bad news is that my husband has a torn meniscus and will need physical therapy - fingers crossed that will do the trick and he won't need surgery please please please.

We're still on spring break over here so I'm not sure if I'll post before Monday. Wishing you all a great weekend if I don't check in before then!


  1. Enjoy your Spring Break!!! And thanks for the update. Here's to better news all around. and I think you used one of my favorite words...wackadoo/wackadoodle...too funny. Take care dear woman.

  2. Hi Sally! Well, the Valley on a good day can be confusing - haha! Great news about your FIL. I hope your hubby doesn't need surgery. I'll keep my fingers crossed (except when I am sewing) haha! xoxo

  3. Hi Sally! You've been quiet - I hope all is well there! xox Pam