Monday, April 26, 2010

Festival of Books & Monday blog love

edited to add: I didn't know that today is Boobquake! How did I not hear about this?! To cut to the chase, some cleric in Iran said that immodestly dressed women cause earthquakes (or something like that, I'm late to the controversy teehee!). If I'm understanding correctly, we are all supposed to show a bit of decolletage today, for the sake of science.
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Ladies, get out those wonder bras, certainly this call to action cannot go unanswered!!! bwahahhahahha


I've started a list of my Monday blog love links for myself, in the hopes that I won't include any that I previously had listed ... my chin dropped to the floor ... I've listed more than 850 blogs ... (that's just on Monday entries, doesn't include any other entries or my side bar). WOW! And there's no slowly down ... there are always more more more to be delighted by. :)

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We went to the (Los Angeles Times sponsored) Festival of Books at UCLA this Saturday and Sunday. Two days, one girl, one guy, tickets in hand to seven of the panels, twenty five+ authors, then book signings, walking walking walking, funky ankle, bum knee, one aching back and little nourishment on Day Two and we're still alive. WAHOO! This is the life!

Our Saturday panels:

"Water: The Past, Present and Future of our Most Precious Resource", with Thomas Curwen, Michael Hiltzik, Jenny Price, Steve Solomon and D.J. Waldie.
Article about panel from LA Times blog.

"America: In Hope or In Crisis?" with Patt Morrison, Mark Danner, John W. Dean and Tom Hayden.

"Haiti and Recovery From Disaster" with Davan Maharaj, Mark Danner, Rebecca Solnit and Amy Wilentz.
Article about the panel from LA Times blog.

Our Sunday panels:

"Does the American Economy Have a Future?" with Jan Wiener, Joyce Appleby, Roger Farmer, Steven Hill and Matt Miller.

"Bill McKibben in Conversation with Susan Salter Reynolds"
Bill McKibben, author/activist, is the creator of
Article from LA Times blog.
Article, The Science of 350, the Most Important Number on the Planet by Bill McKibben at Treehugger. and 10:10 Global are partnering together to sponsor a Global Work Party on 10/10. (from their website, 10:10 is a global campaign to reduce carbon emissions by 10% in a year – starting in 2010.) Hoping everyone will participate!

"Watching the Detectives" with April Smith, Elizabeth George, Susan Kandel, Lisa Lutz and Stuart Woods.

"#Book: New Media Meets Publishing" with Carolyn Kellogg, Pablo Defendini, Dana Goodyear and Wil Wheaton.

And ... the exciting news to wake up to this morning ... Hugh Hefner has donated the remaining monies needed to save the land the Hollywood sign is on from crazy developers. (Do other states build luxury homes, hanging from the sides of their mountains??? In earthquake and mudslide country. Ay yi yi.)


  1. Good old Hugh. lol!! And I miss going to the Festival of Books. It's so fun to get out and walk around with all those books and authors. Sigh. I'm glad you got to go. As for Boobquake, the world has nothing to fear from me. hahahahahaha! xoxo!!

  2. Hi Pam!
    Yeah, isn't that funny that it ultimately takes Hugh Hefner to save the Hollywood sign?! Course I guess that is the stuff that Hollywood is made of, huh?!
    Oh my gosh, up down and all around, and back and forth again, and again = the book festival. ;) So much fun to see authors you love and discover new authors and become informed and excited about issues AND buy tons of books!!! Tra la tra la. We came home exhausted each day, barely could manage to feed our faces, then sat in a comatose state in front of the television for a bit and then went to bed. Everyone else looked so fresh and we looked like we got thrown over a cliff.
    Cracking up over you and boobquake - they said something like 80,000 (that'd be 160,000 of boobaliciousearthquakeness bwahhahahhaa) had signed up on Facebook or something???
    Happy week! xoxoxo

  3. Boobquake, I must check that link, how funny!

    I hope you don't mind I used your poem from
    Chief Seattle on my blog today, I mentioned you with a link. I had to do W, today for the
    A-Z blogging challenge. Warning Web Weaver on my site, in case you are scared of spiders!

    It was sooo perfect, I had to share it!

    Thank you for cracking me up!

  4. Hi Ellie!
    Don't mind a bit, thank you very much for the mention. I will come over in a bit and visit! :)
    Happy Wednesday,