Monday, April 19, 2010

GIVEAWAY WINNER and Monday Blog Love

and the winner is ...

Hi Lori! It's YOU! Congratulations! You da winnuh! ;) Please email your address to me at: and I will get your lovely magazine off to you. Happy Monday!

Thanks everyone so much for entering and your sweet comments. I'm hoping to have another giveaway soon.

This is what happens when you're deprived of blog hopping due to your hubbies two week vacation. Binge blogging! I need an intervention and a 12 step group for this I think. bwahahahhahha

American Felt and Craft
An Accomplished Young Lady
Atalie Stitchers Blog
Be Creative Be Happy
Cherry's Jubilee
contemporary embroidery
Cozy Little House
Creative Thread
daily felt
edward and lilly
Eleanor Pigman
Food & Cook
Food Republik
Freedom of Stitch
Le blog de Sophie
Leanne's House
Made by Soraya
Midsummer Stitches
No Matter Where I Go
O Pistachio
Piggy's Cooking Journal
Primrose Design
Sarah Louisa Whittle
So Cozy
Under the Tulip Tree
Were I So Besotted
Wood And Fabric
World of my dreams


  1. Woo Hoo! Thanks Sally! I love this magazine and can't wait to see this issue!

  2. Hi Lori!
    Congrats and you're very welcome! I will mail it off to you tomorrow - I stepped in a hole on Saturday and messed up my footie and am being a lazy bones today. D'oh.
    Happy Monday!

  3. Okay, I'm glad Lori won. Sniff. Sob. :) What are you doing stepping in holes? Stop that! LOL! I hope you are okay! I've been away from Blog World, but I hope to get back in the groove by Weds. xox! Pam

  4. Hi Sally,
    Lucky Lori for winning. It's okay to take a break- but always nice to get back. Hope your allergies are improving.

  5. Congratulations to Lori! I can hardly wait to look at all these lovely blogs! Thanks, Sally! Have a nice day! Twyla

  6. Congrats to Lori! And Sally, I LOL'ed at "binge blogging"... hehe!


  7. Hi Pam!
    Believe me, it wasn't intended - we went to visit our neighbors - I don't know if it was the hole where their sprinkler head was or if it was another hole - it sure seemed bigger since my foot went in??? Their lawn is LONG and I didn't see it and OUCH! It's still not right today. WAH!
    Happy Tuesday!

  8. Hi Leslie!
    I heard them say that this is one of the worst years ever for allergies - we sure concur with that, woe is me.
    Happy Tuesday!

  9. Hi Twyla!
    Hope you had fun blog hopping! I always wonder "how many of these does Twyla already know about?"! :)
    Happy Tuesday!

  10. Hi Stephanie!
    Boy, I sure overdid it the first day my husband went back to work - I think I barely moved from the computer. Too funny!
    Happy Tuesday!