Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Gorgeous day here today! Rain clouds this morning but no rain, now blue skies and the most pleasant of temperatures, mid seventies.

But it's a crazy kind of day. I was going to run errands this morning and got in my car and it wouldn't start. ARGH! Fingers crossed it's just the battery please please please.

I get kind of thrown when plans go awry. Trying to be productive and clean and putter around. I had wanted to put to use some pine cones and pods I found on an old wreath at my parents but, I have no idea where I put my wire cutters. So much is in flux in this house, trying to figure out my parents things, can I say ARGH?!

I found this heart that I made several years ago - I participated in a gift for a fellow blogger, a garland - and after I saw what others had made, realized mine didn't go with the rest of the group at all. So, a pressie for me!

Did you/do you, scrapbook? I unearthed my box of stickers and die cuts the other day and found these leaf die cuts.  Talk about STICKER SHOCK (sorry for the stretch!) - I've got a bazillion stickers from my letter writing and scrapbook days. And quite obviously a big case of OCD. 
And I got the adorable little chenille package decorations at a swap meet a few years ago. I WUV THEM.
Happy Hump Day! 


  1. I laughed when saw the title to your post and then described your day. "Squirrel!!" is what we yell when we get distracted around here. Sometimes it's hard to stay on task...I am also puttering around trying to get organized. Good Luck, Miss Sally!

  2. What a cute squirrel heart!!!
    I love anything that has to do with fall!! So over this heat!!
    I don't scrapbook!! I love photos and make photo books through shutterfly!! But use lots of stickers for school! Kids love stickers!!
    Yeahhhh - we're over hump day and closer to the weekend :-}}} Have a great rest of the week!

  3. I love the little wool squirrels and acorns Sally. I've been doing a lot of puttering and not accomplishing a whole lot lately. lol!

  4. So glad your temps have cooled down to some enjoying weather! Such a cute squirrel heart! I sometimes scrapbook, I would like to do more, but "time" I've really been loving the little scrap books that are filled with embellishments, ribbons, lace, and many more fun things...have you seen those! So pretty!! Enjoy your day!! xo Holly

  5. Love your sweet squirrel heart! That sick person really missed out, lol. I never did any scrapbooking, but have used some of the supplies in other crafts. Love the little guys on the heart, aw. :)

  6. Love your squirrel hanging and all of the vintage things you are sharing!