Friday, October 31, 2014

happy halloweenie

That's my own Halloween mask found at my parents house. I was a scarecrow in 1962 or 1963? I can remember going to J.J.Newberry's on Pico Blvd. in West Los Angeles (where the Westside Pavillion is now) with my mom and picking out the costume. Sadly the costume was nowhere to be found but I remember it having kind of mid calf length pants, with zig zap edges (like a huge zig zag gone awry). I seem to remember the sleeves being just past elbow length, with the same kind of edge detail? Gosh I miss Newberry's, with a little bit of everything. So many childhood visits there.

hahahhahahha ... so I went out on the porch this morning (in my bathrobe) at six a.m. to see what it would look like at night through the window to the trick or treaters ... and of course someone was walking down the street already LOL. Wonder if it was anyone I know??? They'll surely tell their nearest and dearest about the old lady in a lavender bathrobe on her porch taking photos with her iPad at that ridiculous hour. At least they didn't think I was the BATHROBE BURGLAR.

You can see my spooky hand in the reflection and my husband sitting at the breakfast table of our original puny 1950 kitchen, with NO DISHWASHER (I am doing a lot of kitchen daydreaming at the moment - after 34 years with no dishwasher!), our refrigerator loaded with magnets from our many visits to the UCLA Festival of Books and lots from the Humane Society - got to get all those woofies forever homes!

More stuff I had forgotten all about - I found this cute Halloween basket with a doggie inside and the darling owl, both that I got at Glitterfest in 2012. And these darling ones from Susie Scott that day too, always look forward to getting something of hers ...

Happy Halloween to everyone!


  1. I've been known to be outside in my jammies taking pictures too! Mil! I love susies art work! Have a great weekend.

  2. Thank goodness they did not have a cell phone and snapped a picture of the "lady in her pj's looking in her window" made me giggle. How cool you found that Halloween mask at your parents house.