Monday, October 27, 2014

little by little

I had planned on doing a catch up post today but I actually ended up really getting into going through stuff and putting it in boxes for Good Will. WOW! Miracle of miracles. So just running in to say Hello and Happy Monday! And a little bit of fall flower shopping this weekend and playing around, trying to figure out things for our Halloween porch on Friday. Number one Order of Business - how on earth to get that big honkin' terra cotta pot from the back yard to the front porch?!!

Happy week to everyone!


  1. Oh pretty!! Love all the oranges!! I'm sure your Halloween porch will look so cute!! :) Have a wonderful week! xo Holly

  2. Oh, loving your display! We dont have sidewalks so don't really get trick or treaters, unless parents drive them, lol. Have fun!

  3. Happy Tuesday! pretty flowers! show us your halloween porch!